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Artificial Intelligence • Professional Services • Business Intelligence • Consulting • Cybersecurity • Generative AI
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
364,000 Employees

We’re inspiring and empowering our people to change the world. Powered by the technology of today, you’ll work with diverse teams to build trust and create new client solutions in unexpected ways. The only way we can tackle the challenges of a fast-changing world is with people like you. Be a part of The New Equation.

Consumer Web • eCommerce • Events • Information Technology • Business Intelligence
Bourne, Massachusetts, USA
180 Employees

Convention Data Services (CDS), a Freeman Company, is the trusted partner in the live events industry for conference event registration, business intelligence, and lead management servicing top show organizers worldwide. Headquartered in Bourne, MA (Cape Cod), CDS has been providing customized applications and support services for more than 30 years.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Natural Language Processing • Software • Business Intelligence • Generative AI
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5,000 Employees

At Qualtrics, we create software the world’s best brands use to deliver exceptional frontline experiences, build high-performing teams, and design products people love. But we are more than a platform—we are the creators and stewards of the Experience Management category serving over 19,000 clients globally. "We are in the business of empowering organizations to really understand what people want, and then act on it with empathy, speed, and scale. This is what Qualtrics Experience Management is really about." - Zig Serafin, CEO

Information Technology • Productivity • Professional Services • Software • Business Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
500 Employees

M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embedded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence. This enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance. We help knowledge workers to work smarter.

HR Tech • Sales • Software • Database • Business Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
300 Employees

At Lusha, we're building a future where every B2B sales professional is equipped with the data they need to succeed. Founded in 2016 by Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya, our mission is to organize the world's business data while empowering our customers to uncover relevant revenue and growth opportunities. We're proudly GDPR compliant and maintain a globally compliant database. With a staggering reach of 1 million users and a database boasting over 200 million entries, including 45 million direct contacts in North America, 50 million enterprise and SMB business profiles, and 21 million GDPR-compliant European contacts, Lusha stands as an indispensable resource in the B2B landscape. Our community has surged to over 670,000 sales professionals and 223,000 sales organizations, proudly showcasing partners such as Zendesk, Google, and Yotpo. With significant investments totaling $240 million, we've transitioned from our bootstrap origins to unicorn status with a value estimation of $1.5 billion. Starting as a profitable bootstrap company and surviving solely on profits for 4.5 years, our journey is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the iconic brand we've become, continuously setting new standards in the industry. In total, Lusha has 300 employees globally in two sites—Tel Aviv and Boston. Our teams are the driving force behind everything we do, dedicated not only to meeting but exceeding our customers' needs. We understand the importance of connection, fostering a collaborative environment where every employee contributes to our success. Your voice matters, your ideas count, and together, we'll thrive. Join us on this journey to revolutionize B2B sales. Let's grow better together.

Mobile • Retail • Software • Business Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
75 Employees

Repsly’s retail execution platform powers CPG teams to improve field sales performance, merchandising execution, and promotion compliance - connecting them with the data and tools they need to work smarter everyday. We equip field teams with scheduling, ordering, data collection, time and mileage tracking, performance reporting, and more. Our differentiator? Our approach to data. Repsly combines shelf level, team activity, and sales velocity data to help field teams make smarter decisions, and drive CPG growth at Retail.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
37 Employees

PS AI labs is a data science consultancy firm that uses deep resources and world-class data science to help businesses change the way they optimize their operations and understand their customers. Our data scientists and AI experts are adept at tackling complex business challenges with predictive analytics. We design, build, and implement practical, end to end solutions that help companies make smarter decisions and provide more valuable services.

Big Data • eCommerce • Professional Services • Software • Business Intelligence
160 Employees

Dexi is the global leader in Digital Data Intelligence. A highly technical, service-oriented organization, we provide cutting-edge Enterprise data solutions that power the success of Planet Earth’s most successful organizations.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence

Entromy is a leading software company that delivers real-time nuanced insights for critical business decisions powered by AI and natural language processing. Used by consultants, private equity and executives. Eliminate weeks of effort in change management, business transformations and M&A by automating diagnostic, analysis and executive report preparation to understand business, employees or customers.

Information Technology • Professional Services • Business Intelligence • Consulting
70 Employees

Websitedevelopmentcompanyindia.net Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2016, is a top website development company india with a team of 50 skilled developers. They have successfully completed over 300 projects in sectors like retail, healthcare, education, and finance. Their services include custom web design, secure e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, mobile app development, and ongoing support. Utilizing the latest technologies, they deliver tailored solutions to enhance businesses' online presence. Known for their client-centric approach, they boast a 95% client retention rate and have earned numerous industry awards. The company has expanded globally with offices in the USA and UK, serving clients across 20+ countries. They offer 24/7 customer support and have been featured in top industry publications for their innovative work. Websitedevelopmentcompanyindia.net Pvt. Ltd. is also committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, participating in various green initiatives and community projects. They provide free webinars and training sessions to help clients stay updated with the latest trends.

Food • Information Technology • Productivity • Software • Business Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

CrunchTime is how the world’s top restaurant brands achieve ops excellence in every location. Our software is used in over 100,000 locations in 100+ countries to manage inventory, staff scheduling, learning and development, food safety, operational tasks and audits. CrunchTime enables customers including Chipotle, Culver’s, Domino’s, Dunkin’, Five Guys, and P.F. Chang's to control food and labor costs, and deliver great experiences. For more information, visit CrunchTime.com. To see a list of our current openings, visit https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenput

HR Tech • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Big Data Analytics
Fully Remote, USA

Humanyze exposes a company's biggest people vulnerabilities to improve employee retention and business performance with science-backed people insights for CEO’s, Management, and Data Analysts Born in MIT’s Media Lab, we are redefining the future of work through science-backed analytics and data-driven insights that help companies make continuous workplace improvements that benefit both employees and the business. With a global presence spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, our mission is to help leading companies around the world unlock their organization’s full potential with workplace analytics.

Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
40 Employees

Aimpoint Digital is an analytics firm that uses data to solve our clients’ most complex use-cases, drive effectiveness across value chain operations, and reshape customer experiences. From the integration of self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing infrastructure environments, we operate across transformative domains to improve your company’s performance. Our consulting practice areas cover Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering & Infrastructure.

Cloud • Information Technology • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
10 Employees

Stratos is a life sciences technology consulting firm specializing in implementations, assessments, strategy, and business enablement & managed services. We equip our life science partners with the data, tools, and strategies needed to accelerate their enterprises and improve the lives of the patients they serve. We advise, implement, and enable teams to scale their successes by leveraging deep expertise and a proven methodology. Using a data-driven approach, we employ modern technology to make tasks easier, decrease redundancies, and enable our clients to focus on value-add activities.

Information Technology • Software • Business Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
61 Employees

Our story began with our co-founder, Candan Bolukbas, trailblazing cybersecurity avenues as a certified ethical hacker (CEH) for NATO. Thanks to Candan’s expertise, NATO was able to uncover existing cybercriminal loopholes exposing member countries. Candan’s work led him to an epiphany: vulnerable third party contractors were stepping stones to the primary target. In 2016, realizing his insight had commercial implications, Candan and his team built a cyber risk rating platform that could identify, continuously monitor, and scale, sparking a revolution for what third-party cyber risk management means to businesses today—and in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HXyDOzPX4M

Internet of Things • Social Impact • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
80 Employees

Verdantix is a research and advisory firm that acts as an essential thought-leader for world-enhancing innovation, with expertise in digital strategies for EHS, operational excellence, smart buildings, ESG, sustainability and Net Zero. From our offices in Central London, New York City and Boston, we produce high quality research, deliver consulting projects and create events for senior managers, technology executives and investors. Together with our clients, we shape markets, define the technologies of tomorrow and futureproof businesses.

Professional Services • Business Intelligence
100 Employees

ACMIT, is an international accreditation agency with a sterling record in diverse industries. Known as a strong advocate for excellence, ACMIT has extensive experience providing accreditation services and certification of organizations from around the world. In the process of rigorous evaluation, ACMIT is measured against international standards, which includes trust and credibility. The accreditation provided by this agency plays an important role in disseminating a culture of excellence, transparency and soundness among numerous parts of society. It is also making outstanding contributions to efforts at global harmonization and standardization.

Professional Services • Business Intelligence • Consulting
577 Employees

Connor Group is a specialized professional services firm of Big 4 alumni and industry executives. Our team of highly experienced professionals helps financial executives with their most complex and significant matters, including financial accounting and operations, IPO and M&A services, digital solutions, and managed services. Our clients are the world’s top growth companies, and we support them as they change the world and create new markets! The firm was founded in 2006 and has grown to more than 400 professionals with core offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, and Boston. We have served more than 1,000 clients on six continents and have a 54% market share for Bay Area IPOs in recent years. Our client portfolio includes multi-billion-dollar public, mid-cap public, and pre-IPO companies ranging from early stage to late stage. Our global clients represent the most exciting industries including high tech, Internet, social networking, gaming, software, ad tech, cleantech, life sciences, financial services, consumer products, biotech, services, and manufacturing. Our goal at Connor Group is to be the most respected firm across our service lines by delivering the highest quality services to our clients. We are hired by finance and accounting executives who understand the importance of leveraging their time as well as having a partner that can successfully execute their needs.

Big Data • Cloud • Internet of Things • Software • Business Intelligence
75 Employees

At Opendatasoft (ODS), we believe the role of data within organizations and societies is fundamentally changing, and a new data collaboration philosophy is emerging. We are entering the new era of data-to-experience, where data is everyone's business, generating collective intelligence and bringing positive impact for all. We are a SaaS company, building software that enables everyone within organizations to simply create and share data experiences that quickly drive outstanding outcomes, build trustworthy relationships with stakeholders and bring bottom-line benefits. Our market-leading solution is widely used in the Local Government and Private Sector alike to achieve transparency, digital transformation, innovation and intelligence sharing. We are a venture-backed company with offices in Boston (USA), Paris (FR) and Nantes (FR). Our investors include Salesforce, UL and Aster Capital.

Software • Transportation • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
40 Employees

At Copenhagen Optimization we strive every day to develop the very best software solutions for our clients all around the world. We develop high quality and advanced optimization software that will make it easy, simple and efficient to operate an airport. Our solutions are the result of years of experience within our field and Danish intelligent design. Our software solution, Better Airport® brings clarity and confidence to plans, data, and complex decision-making, empowering businesses to better predict, operate, and optimize. We create value together and ensure mutual success through partnership, trust, and determination. Combined with a the expertise of a group of people with an incredible amount of multi-disciplinary experience in aviation, analytics, development, and operations, puts Copenhagen Optimization at the forefront of innovation in aviation. Our Why: To passionately innovate and optimize so that together we enable lasting, tangible improvements for people globally.