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Fitness • Hardware • Healthtech • Sports • Wearables
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
600 Employees

At WHOOP, we’re on a mission to unlock human performance. WHOOP empowers members to perform at a higher level through a deeper understanding of their bodies and daily lives. Our wearable device and performance optimization platform has been adopted by many of the world's greatest athletes and consumers alike.

Healthtech • Wearables • Biotech
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Biofourmis is a fast-growing digital health company filled with committed, passionate people who care about augmenting personalized care and empowering people with complex chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. We are pioneering an entirely new category of medicine, by developing clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide better outcomes for patients, smarter engagement and tracking tools for clinicians, and cost-effective solutions for payers. Biofourmis has built Biovitals®, a highly sophisticated personalized AI-powered health analytics platform that predicts clinical exacerbation in advance of a critical event, which is the backbone of their digital therapeutics’ product pipeline across multiple therapeutic areas—including heart failure, oncology, acute coronary syndrome, COPD and chronic pain.

Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Wearables

Beta Bionics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a fully-integrated bionic pancreas.

Beauty • Wearables
Coquitlam, British Columbia, CAN

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are the only online company that is solely dedicated to making and changing lenses of existing eyeglass frames with your choice of replacement lenses. We offer preferences in lens coating and options, simply give us your eyeglass prescription and we will take care of the rest. We take care of all the shipping and even the packaging. We will send you a box along with a hard case for each of your frames along with a return label allowing you to ship your frames to us, hassle free, safely, securely and best of all...absolutely free!

Fitness • Wearables

We're a passionate team dedicated to health and fitness who are building products that help transform people's lives. While health can be serious business, we feel it doesn't have to be. We believe you're more likely to reach your goals if you're encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.


The Humon wearable allows endurance athletes to train smarter by monitoring the way their muscles are using oxygen in real-time and providing them with real-time personalized insights for immediate performance improvement.

eCommerce • Healthtech • Internet of Things • Wearables
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
500 Employees

For the past 10 years Withings has been creating devices that combine cutting edge medical technology with premium design. These easy-to-use devices connect to apps and act as powerful daily health check-ups, as well as tools to help master long-term health goals. The ecosystem range includes award-winning products across the health spectrum. We are driven by the promise to revolutionize people’s relationship with their health, by bringing new measurement tools that collect and monitor vital parameters remotely. Whether monitoring chronic diseases, detecting under-diagnosed conditions, or simply helping people with motivational tools, our objects and applications are transforming the daily lives of all those involved in healthcare, from patients, to professionals to researchers. From our offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boston and Hong Kong, we have complete control over the product life cycle, from R&D to marketing. A true innovation laboratory, Withings was the first to bring a smart scale to market, and the first to introduce metrics reserved for the hospital environment into everyday objects. Today we are going even further with the technology that will enable better health monitoring in the coming years. Join us.

Internet of Things • Machine Learning • Software • Wearables
8 Employees

Iterate Labs’ mission is to harmonize the interaction between people and the processes in which they work through digitized human motion. At Iterate Labs, we have developed the first AI-powered IIoT platform that digitizes human motion into precise, actionable, data-driven insights and enables business leaders to monitor, engage, and manage their workforces at scale, in real-time. Powered by wearables and computer vision, Iterate Labs digitizes worker action and location in real-time, and builds localized AI models to deliver insights to manufacturers for productivity, safety, and training. Iterate labs is an exciting VC-backed startup recently closing a venture round led by Monozukuri Ventures and Tyson Ventures. We are quickly hiring and growing our team to scale our platform as we move towards our Series A raise. Exciting time to get in early before our company goes to the moon!

Hardware • Healthtech • Wearables
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
17 Employees

Silvertree is on a mission to inspire the world’s aging population. We are developing a wellness wearable platform that provides the right balance of safety, connection, and style for active older adults. We aim to be the brand associated with vitality and independence for the growing population of 55 million Americans ages sixty-five and beyond.

Automotive • Hardware • Wearables • Automation
98 Employees

Bring the best your Corvette with The Spindle People, the premier Corvette parts suppliers in Ohio. Unleash the full potential of your prized possession by choosing from our curated selection of high-quality restoration parts. Renew the spirit of your Corvette, restore its original glory, and refurbish it to perfection. At The Spindle People, we are dedicated to enhancing your driving experience with authentic and reliable components. Elevate your Corvette to new heights, and entrust us to deliver excellence in every part. Your journey to a revitalized Corvette starts here.

Fashion • Retail • Wearables
217 Employees

Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel followed a creative impulse and founded their eponymous collection in Laguna Beach, California in 2004. From the beginning, the driven and passionate duo have combined their individual strengths to build their company from the ground up. During their first year, the couple hit the road with samples in tow and drove a collective 50,000 miles to sell the first collection. They fulfilled Initial orders from their apartment floor, and worked the national trade show circuit as a team of two. Thanks to relentless hard work, that creative impulse is now a full-fledged business that is still owned and operated by the couple today. As co-founders, the couple values adaptability, authenticity and paying it forward. This dynamic pair continues to grow their business rapidly, all while prioritizing supporting nonprofits nationwide. For career opportunities, visit at www.gorjana.com/careers

Fitness • Wearables

Tacit Motion provides kinetic monitoring and personal training, whenever, wherever.

Healthtech • Wearables

MC10 develops virtually invisible, conformal electronics that reshape rigid conventional electronics into thin flexible devices.

3D Printing • eCommerce • Retail • Wearables
20 Employees

At Axiom Products, we provide reliable solutions for those industries that require accuracy while pouring chemicals and other safety products such as goggles, gloves etc.


No two heads are shaped the same, so why should all of our glasses, helmets, and other head-worn products be? Poorly fitting helmets and glasses are awkward, uncomfortable, and can lead to life-threatening injuries. At Skelmet, we are fixing this problem by combining state of the art 3D scanning technologies with 3D printing to automatically measure, design, and produce custom head-worn products. Our vision is to deliver safe, comfortable wearables to each of the world's 7 billion unique heads.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Virtual Reality • Wearables
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Neurable is a neurotechnology company building full-stack tools to interpret human intent, measure emotion, and provide telekinetic control of the digital world. Its software and hardware products make it possible for organizations to leverage the power of brain data in a reliable, consistent, and high-performing way for the first time.

Healthtech • Wearables

BewellConnect Corp. is an ecosystem of connected devices and services that enhance care coordination.


Pavlok is a technology company. Pavlok is a behavioral science company. Pavlok is a super-human company. If you want to be super-human, you want to work at Pavlok. The Pavlok wristband is a wearable device that uses mild electric shock to help you break any bad habit.

Fitness • Healthtech • Wearables • Biotech • Nanotechnology
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
22 Employees

SiPhox is a high-impact startup in Burlington, MA integrating microfluidics, biochemistry and Silicon Photonics to miniaturize proteomics. Silicon Photonics is a platform technology for optics miniaturization that has revolutionized the data center industry over the last two decades. SiPhox’s photonic chips enable us to provide 100x smaller, 100x lower cost, highly scalable, multiplexed diagnostics. Founded in February 2020, SiPhox has expanded into an over 7000 sq. ft. lab & office space, raised $8.5 million (seed round, from backers such as Y-combinator and Khosla Ventures), and we are tirelessly working to scale our team and bring our product to market.


Nix is developing a single use hydration sensor that informs athletes’ hydration strategy: when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.