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Consumer Web • Fintech • Software • Travel • Hospitality
500 Employees

Hotel Engine is a Denver-based, high-growth travel tech company that focuses on one goal — making business lodging simpler. We’re on a mission to become the global leading platform for business lodging, by providing a savings-driven and easy-to-use platform. And with more than 200 employees serving 35K+ businesses, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

Agency • Other • Travel • Hospitality
18 Employees

SearchWide Global is a full-service executive search firm primarily for companies in the travel, tourism, event/exhibition, and venue management industries.

Food • Hospitality
Fully Remote, USA
2,871 Employees

Eataly is the world’s largest artisanal Italian food and beverage marketplace. Founded in 2007 in Turin, Eataly shares “made in Italy” on a global scale through high-quality, authentic products and the stories of their local producers. Eataly’s goal is to make our guests incisive and informed about how to select high-quality and healthy foods. Our marketplace, interspersed with restaurants and counters, is a learning center. At Eataly, you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant, purchase the ingredients, and learn more through classes, tastings and encounters with producers. We believe that quality can be accessible to everyone, and we are dedicated to offering high-quality products at sustainable prices for both consumers and producers. The values and philosophy of Eataly are focused on sustainability, sharing and responsiblity. Over the years, we have expanded across the globe. Today, you can find us in 16 Italian cities and in countries including: Japan, the United States, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and many others. Eat Better, Live Better!

Consumer Web • Events • News + Entertainment • Software • Hospitality
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
60 Employees

PartySlate is a website that inspires people planning events and connects them with the leading event professionals and venues across the country and the world. Brides, grooms, corporate planners, and others use PartySlate to browse thousands of curated photos to find ideas and trends for their next events.

Pharmaceutical • Hospitality
Fully Remote, USA

indeedme.com is a leading online pharmacy in the USA. We offer fast and reliable shipping, affordable prices and convenient payment options for all your medical needs. We treat our customers like relatives because we value trustworthiness.

Pharmaceutical • Hospitality
Fully Remote, USA

Indeed Me is your most reliable choice. We're an online pharmacy that looks after your health. When you need medications, we supply the best quality products at a cheap price to get you the highest level of service possible

Agency • Events • Healthtech • Real Estate • Sales • Consulting • Hospitality
Fully Remote, USA
6 Employees

Great White Development is a Cape Cod consortium overseeing the development & marketing of several local companies. We are bringing new and established businesses to market with an eye on successes in visibility, community, and integrity. We operate primarily on the social media terrain and our mission is to introduce proven enterprises to larger customer bases and facilitate their goals.

Information Technology • Hospitality
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
900 Employees

Buyers Edge Platform stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the foodservice industry through technology, purchasing power and partnerships. We are dedicated to empowering stakeholders across the entire foodservice ecosystem (operators, distributors, manufacturers) with efficiency and unprecedented visibility. With a diverse portfolio of over a dozen brands, our mission is clear: to reduce costs, streamline the foodservice supply chain, and propel the industry from manual to automated. Today, we are one of the largest players in foodservice, with over 200K operator locations across North America and over $50 billion of aggregated spend volume. Our commitment to foodservice excellence is proven in four distinct areas of value: Digital Procurement Network, Fresh Solutions, Supply Chain Management, and Software. Buyers Edge Platform is not just a provider – we are a strategic partner on the journey towards a more efficient, connected, and automated future for the foodservice industry. Buyers Edge Platform represents a network of companies and 60,000+ operator locations. It extends its technology solutions, partnerships, and contracts to its members empowering them to improve their client service offerings by leveraging the Platform’s $15 Billion in volume, resources and collective scale. Buyers Edge Platform will go-to-market with its $7 billion in purchasing power to provide competitive, price-driven direct contracts on behalf of its foodservice procurement members.

Fintech • Hospitality
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

LevelUp, Grubhub's digital agency, designs, develops, and powers branded app and web experiences that blend analytics, loyalty and rewards.