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Greentech • Analytics • Energy
Boston, MA
72 Employees

LineVision’s team researched, designed, and developed an advanced non-contact sensor platform that continuously monitors the behavior of the transmission system, detects anomalies, and issues real-time alerts on risks, and with Dynamic Line Ratings can safely unlock upwards of 40% additional capacity on our aged and congested power lines – helping utilities adapt to a modern grid powered by sources of renewable power generation.

Cloud • Greentech • Information Technology • Software • Energy
Boston, MA
29 Employees

Our software predicts how much energy homes will use and helps builders design and build more energy efficient homes. Our software is also used to verify compliance with dozens of energy codes, programs and to share information with homeowners. Our Home Energy Rating Software is the most widely used in the US, used on 1 in every 4 new homes. This is just the beginning of our journey. Our vision is a sustainable future where energy and environmental factors impact every decision made in our built environment.

Cambridge, MA
17 Employees

AeroShield is developing super-insulating, transparent inserts for windows, bringing state-of-the-art thermal comfort and energy savings into buildings at an affordable price. We work with insulated-glass manufacturers to integrate our material inside of new windows, ready to install in your home. AeroShield’s material is a breakthrough in silica aerogel research. Developed at MIT by co-founder Dr. Elise Strobach, AeroShield is the first silica aerogel to achieve optical quality comparable to glass. Our patent-pending nanostructure and proprietary manufacturing process open a world of possibilities in transparent insulation.

55 Employees

We are building a next generation power company to create a cleaner, better world. Come join us!

Semiconductor • Energy

Automotive • Transportation • Energy • Renewable Energy
66,571 Employees

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. With global temperatures rising, the faster we free ourselves from fossil fuel reliance and achieve a zero-emission future, the better. In pursuit of this mission, we make electric vehicles that are not just great EVs, but the best cars, period. We also produce and install infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products that help our customers further decrease their environmental impact. When it comes to achieving our goals, we pride ourselves in accomplishing what others deem impossible. We are opening new factories and increasing our output everyday – join us in building a sustainable future.

185 Employees

Everlight Solar provides homeowners with simple and affordable clean energy. We believe that going solar should be headache and hassle-free. That’s why we supply the solar panels, and take care of all the installation—for no upfront cost.

Big Data • Information Technology • Software • Energy • Big Data Analytics
Dedham, MA
142 Employees

Hi, we’re Yes Energy Yes Energy leads in electric power trading analytics software. We are THE power market data experts. We provide the most comprehensive, robust, and high-quality energy data and analytics tools available, empowering companies to navigate highly complex and dynamic power markets to maximize their bottom line. Founded in 2008 by Michael McNair, Yes Energy’s goal is to support you in performing game-changing analytics. We take data quality seriously. The volume of data available continues to expand rapidly, and it can be difficult to determine how to turn that data into actionable insights for your business. That’s where we come in. We put the data into the hands of our customers, enabling you to gain powerful insights, and ultimately make profitable decisions for your business. We have teams of experts collecting, cleaning, mapping, monitoring, and engineering data. Yes Energy aggregates and standardizes data from all Independent System Operators (ISOs), non-ISOs, and third-party partnerships, and that includes historical data from the inception of the markets. We offer this data in the format best suited for your business, whether that’s through our powerful user interface, an API, the Cloud, or a Lake.

Professional Services • Energy
Medford, MA
250 Employees

HomeWorks Energy is a metric driven, fast paced start-up company working to make every home more energy efficient. We offer a continuous improvement work environment with the tenacious goal of reducing every homeowner’s energy consumption by at least 30%.

eCommerce • Greentech • Energy
Boston, MA
120 Employees

EnergySage is the leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for rooftop solar, energy storage, community solar, and financing. THE Solar Marketplace Research & comparison shop for residential & commercial solar online. EnergySage is unique in that it allows consumers to request and compare competing quotes online.

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Enterprise Web • Logistics • Mobile • Software • Energy • Utilities
150 Employees
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Cloud • Greentech • Software • Energy • Solar • Renewable Energy
111 Employees
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Big Data • Information Technology • Software • Analytics • Energy
Fully Remote
1525 Employees
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Greentech • Real Estate • Social Impact • Energy • Industrial • Solar • Renewable Energy
2300 Employees
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Hardware • Social Impact • Energy • Agriculture
110 Employees
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Automotive • Professional Services • Software • Consulting • Energy • Chemical • Renewable Energy
15000 Employees
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Automotive • Greentech • Hardware • Energy
325 Employees
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Greentech • Analytics • Energy
72 Employees
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Information Technology • Professional Services • Software • Energy
350 Employees

Greentech • Other • Social Impact • Energy
Boston, MA

The OffGridBox is an all-in-one, self-contained utility system with renewable energy and clean water that enables independent living in any environment, whether by choice or as a result of natural disasters.

Automotive • Hardware • Other • Energy
Boston, MA
46 Employees

Established in 2016 to extend the use of nanomaterials into new markets, Nanoramic® Laboratories is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, and licenser of Neocarbonix™ electrodes, Fastcap® Ultracapacitors and Thermexit™ thermal interface gap filler pads. Nanoramic was born from the research and development of world record high temperature ultracapacitor technology funded by NASA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense. Now Nanoramic is commercializing this technology to revolutionize growing industries like electric vehicle batteries and consumer and industrial electronics. Nanoramic’s predecessor, FastCAP Systems (now FastCap Ultracapacitors), was founded in 2009 by two PhDs from MIT. The company received sizable government grants leading to the development of the only ultracapacitors capable of operating in temperatures up to 150°C and under conditions of high shock and vibration. The FastCap Ultracapacitors family of products has since expanded to include wide temperature range lithium-ion capacitors, structural ultracapacitors, and the only reflowable, low ESR, slim profile ultracapacitor on the market. The hard work required to develop energy storage for such extreme environments drove our engineers to develop Neocarbonix, an electrode platform for rechargeable Li-ion batteries, Li-ion capacitors, and supercapacitors that would outperform all competitors. In addition to Neocarbonix and FastCap Ultracapacitors, the Nanoramic product family includes Thermexit. Thermexit is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads. Thermexit gap fillers are a non-reactive, non-silicon, no cure system featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. Our culture of transparency, empowerment, disciplined thinking, and experimentation is what drives us to build world-class technology

Greentech • Hardware • Energy
Charlestown, MA

Finally develops home lighting systems, intended to create high-quality and energy-efficient bulbs.

Greentech • Energy
Woburn, MA

The VIONX Energy Corporation has developed a grid-scale, long duration energy storage system which has a 20+ year life, is certified non-flammable and safe, has unmatched performance and is bankable.

Other • Energy
Westborough, MA

NEC Energy Solutions, headquartered in Westborough Massachusetts USA and a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, designs, manufactures, and integrates smart energy storage solutions for the electric grid and other applications with critical power needs.

Greentech • Energy

GreatPoint Energy produces clean, low-cost natural gas from coal, petroleum coke, and biomass utilizing its Bluegas™ catalytic hydromethanation process.

AdTech • Automotive • Computer Vision • Analytics • Energy
Fully Remote
40 Employees

We’re building an ecosystem, starting with smart cameras to perform vision-based tasks beyond just quality inspection, that allows a more modular and flexible approach to manufacturing automation. These smart cameras can be no-code programmed to handle both classical and deep learning-based computer vision work. The reach of this ecosystem will extend from smart cameras all the way to a flexible production line, sometimes also called “Matrix production”, based on an autonomous mobile robotic assembly platform.

Software • Energy • Solar • Renewable Energy
Union City , CA
98 Employees

eCommerce • Fintech • Greentech • Energy
Boston, MA

Sungage Financial is a marketplace that provides homeowners with easy, online access to low-cost financing for solar equipment. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Sungage partners with leading solar installers and institutional investors to help homeowners save money on energy. An innovator in solar finance and U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative awardee, Sungage is committed to helping homeowners save more through ownership.

Information Technology • Machine Learning • Software • Energy
Boston, MA
6 Employees

Mapdwell is a software and data intelligence startup that provides advanced tools for energy decision-making. We level the field for consumers by providing intuitive and actionable tools and leverage user engagement into powerful data intelligence for industry.