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Top Boston, MA Computer Vision Companies (22)

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Computer Vision • Hardware • Robotics • Transportation
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
82 Employees

Boston-based company Piaggio Fast Forward Inc. (PFF) was founded in 2015 by the Piaggio Group (the Italian manufacturer that created the iconic Vespa scooter). We are on a mission to build technology products that move the way that people move. In order to bring products to market today, PFF is solving the problem of robotic interaction with people in dynamically changing environments. We’re innovators, neighbors and creators with a passion for local living and pushing the limits on urban transportation. We support a sustainable mobility ecology with healthy lifestyles and social connectivity available to all, regardless of age or abilities.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Computer Vision • Healthtech • Software
Fully Remote, USA
130 Employees

Overjet is the global leader in dental artificial intelligence, helping both payers and providers improve patient care. Our artificial intelligence platform supports the dental industry to enhance clinical care and operational efficiency. We are on the quest to improve oral health by creating a future that is clinically precise, efficient & patient-centric. Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard School of Dentistry with the brightest minds in machine learning and advanced engineering, Overjet has developed accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies and integrate actionable insights into workflows. Every day, private practices, dental support organizations (DSOs), and insurance companies rely on the accurate insights provided by Overjet to drive optimal care and service to patients. We are the #1 dental AI platform. We are building solutions that address real-world problems in dentistry by identifying areas of patient care that AI can support. And we’re backed by industry-leading investors, insurance companies, DSOs, and dentists who believe in our technology to transform dental care for the better… together.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Software
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
160 Employees

At Iterative Health, we are a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence-based precision medicine to gastroenterology with the aim of establishing a new standard of care for the detection, and ultimately, treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. Our powerful, proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies are designed with the goal of improving the accuracy and consistency of endoscopy readings. We believe the work underway at Iterative Health will lead to better patient care, allowing people suffering from IBD – and, eventually, other GI diseases – to improve their quality of life, relationships with their doctors, and access to clinical trials and potential therapeutic advances. ​And we're a group of dedicated, passionate people who find energy in working together to address these big challenges. We're headquartered in Cambridge, not far from MIT, where we were founded in 2017

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Security • Software
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
300 Employees

Evolv Technology is the leading security technology company pioneering AI-based weapons screening to create safer experiences, securing the world’s most iconic venues and companies. We help provide sports fans, theme park visitors, concertgoers, shoppers, employees, students, healthcare workers and others peace of mind so that they can gather without fear of violence. Our security screening has scanned more than 1 billion people worldwide, and our technology combines powerful, advanced sensors with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to detect threats 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software • Defense
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
180 Employees

MORSE is a specially selected team of scientists, engineers, and software developers who use asymmetric and unconventional approaches to deploy practical solutions that solve difficult multi-disciplinary problems faced by the US National Security Ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Logistics • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software • Automation
Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA
90 Employees

RightHand Robotics is a leader in providing robotic piece-picking solutions that improve performance and efficiency in e-commerce order fulfillment and intralogistics. Its RightPick product platform is a software-driven hardware-enabled solution that handles the core task of picking and placing individual items as part of a wide range of workflows.

Computer Vision • Mobile • Productivity • Software
Braintree, Massachusetts, USA
300 Employees

FORM powers the world’s 2 billion mobile workers as they change companies and industries for good, with mobile technology that improves execution from the frontline. FORM activates and connects teams in the field – with leaders, missions, and each other – so they can deliver success in the enterprise. The FORM field execution platform serves as a digital assistant for frontline teams by guiding daily tasks, streamlining data collection, facilitating real-time communication, and providing leaders with real-time intelligence to drive faster actions and better decisions. FORM offers the world’s only integrated task management and image recognition platform and enables smart audits on more display types than any solution in the market, plus industry-leading field communications and photo reporting capabilities. FORM solutions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies around the world.

AdTech • Automotive • Computer Vision • Analytics • Energy
Fully Remote, USA
40 Employees

We’re building an ecosystem, starting with smart cameras to perform vision-based tasks beyond just quality inspection, that allows a more modular and flexible approach to manufacturing automation. These smart cameras can be no-code programmed to handle both classical and deep learning-based computer vision work. The reach of this ecosystem will extend from smart cameras all the way to a flexible production line, sometimes also called “Matrix production”, based on an autonomous mobile robotic assembly platform.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Food • Machine Learning
15 Employees

Foodspace helps eCommerce teams increase online sales and brand loyalty by building underlying product data foundations. Using vision AI, Foodspace can digitize package label information and shopper centric attributes in less than a minute from a single product photo. Teams no longer need to fill out templates or reformat product data based on retailer product mapping. With #JustGoodData, Foodspace saves you time, gives you control, and provides you with peace of mind that your products can be found by shoppers across their path to purchase. Foodspace Technology is made up of a team of friends excited by innovative technology, agile and creative ideas, and driven by creating an inclusive, transparent, and educational food culture. Our backgrounds span nutrition, finance, cpg marketing, branding, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. Diversity of experience is what allows us to ensure that our technology delivers value to commerce teams and is always in service of the online shopper.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Robotics • Automation • Manufacturing
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
5 Employees

Krevera is a data driven company that uses the newest AI technology to perform automated quality control and optimization of plastic injection molding machines. Krevera reduces defect rates and manual labor costs through automation. This automation is made possible with the use of the newest neural net training techniques. Krevera does this all through a vision system that inspects products.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Internet of Things • Logistics • Mobile • Retail • Software
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cartesian is a seed-stage MIT startup on a mission to map the physical world at unprecedented scale and precision. Our goal is to transform indoor operations to address multi-billion-dollar challenges for retail, supply chain, and logistics.

Computer Vision • Hardware • Security • Software
10 Employees

Videray Technologies exists to create a safer society across the globe. We have created the world’s most powerful, user-friendly, and portable Handheld Backscatter X-ray Imager to help our clients see through surfaces to detect potential threats. Our technology is already making progress on this mission domestically and internationally in over 50 countries.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software
Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
21 Employees

Neural Magic’s “No-Hardware AI” uses software to execute deep learning workloads at scale. Founded by a team from MIT CSAIL, we are unlocking the power of CPUs to deliver state-of-the-art ML performance. Our machine learning engine enables ML applications to be run in new places, on new kinds of workloads.

Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Mobile • Productivity • Software
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
400 Employees

Scandit supports its customers by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes. Our Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence. Scandit accurately scans up to 3x faster than dedicated scanners in challenging light or at angles, on damaged labels, across multiple codes, on any smart device. We enable innovation that delivers significant cost savings, increases employee retention and customer loyalty. Scandit partners with customers at every step with trials, solution design, integration and customer success support included. Specialties: Image Recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, Barcode Scanning Software, Augmented Reality, Retail Software, Enterprise Software, Last Mile Solutions, BYOD Solutions, Digital Transformation and Machine Learning. Visit scandit.com to learn why market leaders across retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and manufacturing like Instacart, Levi’s Strauss, Sephora, NHS and FedEx trust us. We are hiring, take a look at our career opportunities - https://www.scandit.com/careers/

3D Printing • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning
40 Employees

Inkbit was founded by a team of MIT engineers passionate about creating a next-generation additive manufacturing platform that combines 3D printing with machine vision and machine learning. Our system allows assembly-less manufacturing of complex, multi-component products at costs typically associated with mass production.

Computer Vision • Hardware • Healthtech • Retail
Natick, Massachusetts, USA

Aila Technologies is the leading provider of enterprise self-service solutions, offering top brands advanced computer vision, enterprise hardware, and comprehensive managed services to eliminate long customer lines, increase operational efficiency, and elevate in-location experiences. Our solutions power over 5 million transactions every single day, ensuring seamless interactions for customers, products, and packages.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Robotics

Today, the functionality of robots has to be limited in order to be brought into human environments. Skylla Technologies looks to provide software and systems which allow vehicular robots to work in tandem with humans. We work with large international enterprises to realize a world full of helpful rather than dangerous robots.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Insurance • Machine Learning
12 Employees

We are hungry, we are foolish, we are up to revolutionize the built environment! We are backed by incredible and renown investors who strongly support our vision to create a pure A.I. driven solution that structurally assesses spaces. We are born out of MIT where both founders graduated from. We’re technology and analytic savvy folks. We are all self-driven, highly motivated innovators who are all thinking our business forward. We are looking for like-minded people, who are passionate about computer vision, the built environment, and about getting your hands dirty!

Computer Vision • Information Technology • Natural Language Processing • Virtual Reality • Analytics
2,000 Employees

Cogito is the industry leader in data labeling and annotation services to provide the training data sets for AI and machine learning model developments. All types of AI and ML services requires the training data for algorithms with next level of accuracy making AI possible into diverse fields like healthcare, gaming, agriculture, retail, automotive

Big Data • Cloud • Computer Vision • Greentech • Software
12 Employees

Sync Computing is an MIT based startup company on a mission to build the next leap in distributed computing in the cloud. Sync Computing’s foundational technology is capable of solving large-scale scheduling optimization problems instantly, unlocking unprecedented gains in the orchestration of large-scale computing applications. Businesses worldwide will be able to utilize cloud resources with optimal efficiency, saving billions of dollars and endless hours on the cloud. We are targeting applications in data analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing.