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An image of a glass building and green foliage is shown.
The company’s new office in Framingham is designed to embody well-being, collaboration and innovation.
Woman office worker discussing new project with colleague during working day in coworking space.
The expanded leadership team will help lead the company’s AI integration, product innovation and global expansion.
A 3D printing extruder
The company has also picked up two new board members including Henry Ford III.
A person working on a laptop is shown.
The company’s Series B extension round will fuel hiring efforts and product development.
A photo of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is shown.
The company has retired the hydraulic version of its humanoid robot and will focus on testing applications for the electric version.
photo of two people standing in labcoats labeled "Breaking." They are smiling and appear to be in a lab setting.
The company was developed inside of genetic engineering innovator Colossal Biosciences.
An image depicting digital marketing is shown.
Carmel Galvin, formerly of Stripe, brings two decades of HR leadership experience to the role.
A scientist using a microscope is pictured.
The oversubscribed Series C round will help support clinical trial readiness for its lead program.
An image of wind turbines is shown.
The company’s non-toxic battery chemistry aims to deliver low-cost, wide-duration storage for various applications.
Happy children running outside are pictured.
The oversubscribed capital raise will help InStride expand its pediatric clinical services into new markets.
An image depicting cloud data is shown,
Michael Sotnick joins the company as SVP of business and corporate development.
An image depicting cybersecurity is shown.
The company will also enhance its AI-powered cyber risk posture solution.