8 of the Fastest Growing Companies in Boston’s Thriving Tech Sector

Boston’s healthtech sector is growing fast. We talked with Wellframe, 1upHealth and eClinical Solutions, as well as five other fast-growing Boston companies, about their plans for expansion.

Written by Michael Hines
Published on Jul. 26, 2022
8 of the Fastest Growing Companies in Boston’s Thriving Tech Sector
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Boston’s tech industry continues its impressive expansion and these eight companies are ready to hire.

In CBRE's annual survey of the top markets for tech talent, Boston ranked seventh overall; among the large markets, it ranked as the second most diverse. With investment and demand spurring them on, these companies offer plenty of opportunities.

Three of the eight companies on our list come from Boston’s thriving healthtech sector, while the remaining five work in a variety of industries, from data and analytics to e-commerce. We talked with each about what’s driving their build-out and what makes their work environment unique. 


Starburst group photo


Ashleigh Jaffe
Head of People • Starburst


Analytics engine provider Starburst is experiencing a growth burst fueled by the rising data and analytics market as well as the expansion of the company’s global footprint.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

Today we have over 460 employees across 18 countries and expect to be nearly 800 employees this time next year. We have grown almost 120 percent in the past 12 months with no sign of slowing down.

We’re focusing on building out our go-to-market and engineering organizations with an emphasis on diversifying our workforce. Sales, for example, has seen 700 percent growth in its female leadership alone!

We have grown almost 120 percent in the past 12 months with no sign of slowing down.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

IDC states that the data and analytics market is growing 27 percent, up to $274 billion by the end of this year. Starburst has an opportunity for growing market share in this space with the launch of Starburst galaxy, and because we don’t cater to any one vertical or industry. 

We’ve been increasing our global footprint by growing our international sales teams. Additionally, our net dollar retention sits at 195 percent. Between the continued growth of our existing customers and increasing global presence, there has never been a better time to join Starburst.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

We pride ourselves in staying true to our values and living them day to day. We host an annual values award ceremony, and recognize all-stars going above and beyond in our monthly all-hands meetings.

As an organization experiencing tremendous growth, we want candidates to know that Starburst is built on a solid technological foundation. Though the economy has been turbulent, our market demand has increased and we not only withstood a global pandemic, we thrived.

At Starburst we place emphasis not only on growing the business but also on the well-being of our employees. We have numerous initiatives in place to engage our employees both in person and virtually. We host social events, like our semimonthly welcome wagon for new hires, as well as virtual talent shows and trivia sessions. We also have programs in place for professional development, such as the maverick mentorship program and a dedicated sales enablement team. We consistently solicit feedback and look to leadership and employees alike to foster the culture they want to see at Starburst.



Wellframe office


Vidya Sambasivan
Director of Engineering • Wellframe


At Wellframe, Vidya Sambasivan says they’re driven by a mission to help members meet their healthcare needs at scale with a digital health management platform.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

We’re planning to double in size over the next twelve months, and I’m very excited for the scale at which Wellframe is growing. I’m currently hiring for three engineering teams.

Content is a big part of how we help our member population’s healthcare. One of the teams is focused on scaling content through a configurable CMS solution, along with full stack technologies like React js, Typescript and Java Spring Boot. 

The second team is focused on improving efficiency of our internal customer success organization. This team also uses full stack technologies like React js and Typescript supported by Java Spring Boot in the backend.

The third team works on core services that enable the Wellframe platform and engineering efficiency. We work on a multitude of things, ranging from microservices for product enablement to interesting engineering challenges like observability and performance.


What’s fueling your current growth?

We’re scaling our systems to enable Wellframe to reach many more members to address their healthcare needs. We’re growing rapidly and are excited to see the scale touch many more lives.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

Wellframe is a mission-driven organization and our goal is for every member to feel cared for with the healthcare they have. Our engineering teams are very collaborative, friendly and tenacious. They care about helping healthcare reach millions of lives every day. We work on cutting-edge, cloud native technologies with an eye towards digitally transforming member healthcare. Our office is in downtown Boston’s Seaport neighborhood with great views and we offer free catered lunches twice a week. If you would like to work in a mission-driven environment with cool technologies, Wellframe is the place to be!



Liz Raymond
Head of Global Talent Acquisition • Nexthink


Nexthink helps manage the employee digital experience as more people work from home or adopt a hybrid model.  Liz Raymond says its mission is to delight people at work.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

The Nexthink team is on a real upward trajectory. Fueled by a recent Series D round of fundraising in early 2021 that valued our company over $1.1 billion, our team shows no signs of slowing down. We plan to add more than 100 employees in engineering, product, sales, and support functions.


What’s fueling your current growth?

In addition to our recent fundraising, there’s a strong appetite in the market for our product. Nexthink is a digital employee experience technology company. We make sure your technology works as it should for everyone on your team, no matter where they may be located. This is crucial as more companies adopt hybrid work models, and the difference between a good employee experience and a bad one is an employee’s tech experience. We pioneered this space and believe we have an incredible product. We’re excited to expand teams who are building our products to improve the employee experience for folks across the world.

I’ve been so impressed by the kindness folks extend to each other here and how much we genuinely enjoy working together.”


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

The Nexthink team really is something special. I’ve been so impressed by the kindness folks extend to each other here and how much we genuinely enjoy working together. Nexthink’s mission is to delight people at work. This is apparent in the programs we launch to support our employees, and the way we treat each other. One of my favorite questions for an interviewee to ask is: What is the last program your company put in place to support its employees? This shows you how much a company is willing to invest in its people. At Nexthink, I’m proud to regularly have new initiatives to point to, from a refreshed stock option program to, most recently, a new employee wellness platform.



Raj Indupuri


CEO Raj Indupuri is growing eClinical Solutions to provide a software platform designed to help speed clinical trials.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

At eClinical Solutions we anticipate global team growth of 30 percent over the next year, across all departments. As a company we have an incredible opportunity to help our clients meet their objectives with our software and services. 

Research and development will see the most growth as we remain focused on rapid innovation while we invest in building new capabilities and product lines for our platform: the elluminate clinical data cloud. We’re also investing heavily in our go-to-market strategy. To support current clients and address demand, eClinical Solutions is growing across the United States and Europe. We will continue to grow our R&D, sales and marketing teams so that we’re meeting clients’ needs, building awareness of new offerings and effectively reaching our target audience. Finally, we’ll see growth in implementation services and customer success teams as we ensure our elluminate platform clients are maximizing their software investment and speeding time to value.


What’s fueling your current growth?

Clinical research has rapidly evolved, and life sciences companies are investing in technologies for modern research and digitized clinical trials. Our software platform, the elluminate clinical data cloud, enables this digitization. 

The problem we’re helping the industry solve has never been more critical. Clinical trials now collect more data than ever before, and this data environment demands modern infrastructure and analytics. Our platform enables clients to break down data silos, automate manual processes and accelerate drug development. We’re in an exciting time in life sciences as precision medicine and digital health technologies show enormous promise for improving patient health. To gain insight from these rich data streams, there’s a need for increased automation across clinical development. As the industry seeks ways to speed delivery of innovative therapies, elluminate offers a tech foundation that is future-ready and imperative for digital trials.

We have a built-in purpose to accelerate clinical research so that patients can access needed therapies. This inspires everyone at eClinical Solutions.”


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

As an industry and company, we have a built-in purpose to accelerate clinical research so that patients can access needed therapies. This inspires everyone at eClinical Solutions to do their best, knowing their contributions matter and will positively impact patients. Our people-first culture prioritizes rapid innovation and professional progress. To us, ‘people first’ means cultivating a healthy environment to have fun while working hard. 

Our company’s growth and rapid evolution also create more opportunities compared to many companies. Team members lead new initiatives, have variety in projects and join an exciting inflection point in industry digital transformation. At this rapidly changing intersection of science and technology, our R&D team has room to experiment while building cutting-edge software for an advancing industry. We have a very aspirational vision to deliver best-in-industry software and we push boundaries to deliver incredible outcomes to our clients and internal stakeholders.



Mirakl group photo by a swimming pool


Amelia Van Camp
Vice President of People, AMER • Mirakl


At Mirakl, a platform that helps e-commerce businesses quickly launch an online marketplace, Vice President of People Amelia Van Camp says the global reach of the company can be a great learning opportunity to enrich your career.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

At Mirakl, we’re aggressively scaling our teams. In 2021 alone, our region headcount growth was 101 percent. We also expanded our global team to support this accelerating growth, making strategic hires across the organization and further bolstering the management team with senior recruitments. In tandem, we opened new offices in New York and Chicago, and hired regional experts to support the rapid growth of our global footprint. 

In the last 12 months, my department — the people team — has grown by 33 percent. We expanded our talent acquisition team and introduced teams to support people analytics, employer brand, people ops and talent management. The demands for these roles are directly correlated to Mirakl’s overall success in the market and will enable us to ensure we focus on our most important asset: our people! We anticipate a similar growth trajectory in the next year modeled on the company’s success. 

We’re making significant investments in people and technology.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

Looking back over the past year, Mirakl has gained massive momentum! We signed 80 new enterprise customers across the globe in 2021, including household names like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Our customers launched 66 new marketplaces in 2021. Overall, we saw $4.3 billion transacted on Mirakl-powered marketplaces last year. 

To support all of these new customers, we’re making significant investments in people and technology. Last September, we announced $555 million in Series E funding, which took our valuation to more than $3.5 billion. That’s more than double what we were valued at in our Series D round a year before. 

To top it all off, we’re continuing to enhance our market-leading enterprise marketplace platform. A few features we’ve announced in the past few months include a global payout solution, customer care intelligence and product-data mapping AI.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

Mirakl is a global company that offers exposure to many different cultures by allowing us to collaborate with diverse team members, clients and partners that help power us forward. This international experience can be seen as a great learning opportunity to grow in your career as we value this kind of growth and internal mobility.



Joe Gagnon
CEO • 1upHealth


1upHealth utilizes a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources platform to create seamless data flow across multiple stakeholders.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

We’re growing significantly across all of our functions over the next 12 months. We’ll continue to open up roles in engineering, product, sales, marketing, customer success and operations. If you’re interested in building the future of healthcare with us, reach out!


What’s fueling your current growth?

The time is right for the digital transformation of healthcare, and it will be dependent on clean, accessible, comprehensive data. The 1upHealth data platform provides an easy way to securely connect, control and compute data, putting us at the heart of the next generation of healthcare.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

1upHealth is positioned to fundamentally change the healthcare system through driving improvements in quality, cost, care and patient experience. Changing healthcare is no small feat. We know the only way we can accomplish this is through tackling challenges with courage and curiosity, and supporting and encouraging each other. The convergence of deeply meaningful work and a unique culture centered on respect, support and flexibility make 1upHealth a truly unique place to work.



Missy Steiman
Vice President of People • Simply Business


Vice President of People Missy Steiman is executing a fast build-out to meet demand at Simply Business, a platform that provides free insurance quote comparisons for small businesses.


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

As the needs of the small business insurance market continue to increase and develop, we expect to align our growth in an effort to meet the demand. Our current focus is hiring insurance experts, product owners, engineers and business development professionals. These areas of expertise will help support our goals of continuing to build products that meet the evolving needs of our customers. 


What’s fueling your current growth?

Currently, our growth is fueled by the increase in digital demand we’re seeing in the small business insurance market. In an effort to match the pace of the market, as well as the needs of our customers, we continue to expand our offerings and engage strategic partners who enable us to meet our customers where they are in their small business journey. In addition, we are consistently introducing new products that best fit the needs of our customers.

We work hard to create an environment where everyone has a strong sense of belonging and the opportunity to enable their own big dreams.”


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

Increasing demand in the US market. The opportunity within the small business insurance market in the United States is massive. There are more than 30 million small businesses in the country, and 40 percent of those businesses are believed to be uninsured. Market trends indicate that the digital demand for business insurance is increasing year over year, making Simply Business well positioned to be a market leader in serving the insurance needs of small businesses.

Another differentiator is sustained customer focus. We believe that for our customers to succeed, most need to focus their energy on building their business. With that, our goal is to help ensure that small business owners are protected so that they can focus solely on furthering their small business dreams.

Finally, culture matters. We believe that our culture is a driving factor in what sets us apart from the rest. We work hard to create an environment where everyone has a strong sense of belonging and the opportunity to enable their own big dreams.



Kevin Kotyluk
VP of Sales, North America • Funnel


Kevin Kotyluk likes the open, transparent company culture at Funnel, where they help marketers automate their data collection. 


How much will your team grow over the next 12 months?

We anticipate 50 percent growth by the end of 2023 in our Boston office, bringing us over the 100-person mark! We’re hiring in sales, support, customer success, solutions and data operations as we continue to bring on new customers. We’ll also continue to add corporate functions like marketing, finance, legal and people.


What’s fueling your current growth?

The lofty goals set by us as a company are fueling our current growth. We plan on increasing at a 70 percent clip for 2022-23, and we currently have over 1,000 companies worldwide using our product.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

The people set Funnel apart from other companies. We do a really good job of hiring really great people. The culture we created is full of openness and transparency, and is maintained by engaging folks that are curious and collaborative. We’re in it together to serve our customers in the best way, and we like to help the people around us be successful. We can do far more by working together than any individual hero could do.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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