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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
150 Employees

WECO Hospitality is a daily meal delivery service, building the future of dinner by connecting families with chefs who make freshly-prepared, ethically-sourced dinners every weekday. Our offering is at the crossroads of healthy, sustainable meals, local farm-to-table ingredients, creative chef talent, and families who want to dine together at home. Everything we do serves both our customers and the communities we’re in––we care deeply about being a positive part of a healthy food ecosystem.

Gurugram, Haryana, IND
200 Employees

SurveySensum is a leading customer feedback platform perfect for SMEs and larger corporations. It is more than just a platform — it's a comprehensive CX Consulting Service. Their dedicated CX consultants assist with everything from creating surveys to analyzing insights and determining which actions need to be taken based on these insights to achieve your business goals. Proudly serving over 500 businesses worldwide across 40+ countries, including the US and Asia, SurveySensum facilitates access to real-time, omnichannel consumer insights in an easy and affordable manner. Having formed partnerships with various sectors including FMCG, banking, retail, and automotive, SurveySensum boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Software
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
90 Employees

Privy, an Attentive® company, is the ecommerce marketing platform with the fastest ROI for brands, used by over half a million online stores around the world. As the #1 reviewed sales app in the Shopify app store, we provide the tools, education, and support that small and medium-sized ecommerce brands need to grow their stores and build thriving businesses.

Artificial Intelligence • Automotive • Machine Learning • Robotics
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
45 Employees

Perceptive Automata is creating best-in-class artificial intelligence technology that gives machines, such as self-driving vehicles, the ability to understand the human state of mind. Our approach combines behavioral science techniques with machine learning to give autonomous systems the capability to anticipate and react to human behavior like people do, enabling autonomous vehicles of all types to navigate safely and comprehensively around pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. This is essential for autonomous vehicles to seamlessly roll out in human-dominated road environments and to deliver a smooth ride experience for passengers of autonomous mobility services.

eCommerce • Healthtech • Internet of Things • Wearables
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
500 Employees

For the past 10 years Withings has been creating devices that combine cutting edge medical technology with premium design. These easy-to-use devices connect to apps and act as powerful daily health check-ups, as well as tools to help master long-term health goals. The ecosystem range includes award-winning products across the health spectrum. We are driven by the promise to revolutionize people’s relationship with their health, by bringing new measurement tools that collect and monitor vital parameters remotely. Whether monitoring chronic diseases, detecting under-diagnosed conditions, or simply helping people with motivational tools, our objects and applications are transforming the daily lives of all those involved in healthcare, from patients, to professionals to researchers. From our offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boston and Hong Kong, we have complete control over the product life cycle, from R&D to marketing. A true innovation laboratory, Withings was the first to bring a smart scale to market, and the first to introduce metrics reserved for the hospital environment into everyday objects. Today we are going even further with the technology that will enable better health monitoring in the coming years. Join us.

Big Data • Marketing Tech • Travel
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
30 Employees

SmarterTravel is a high-growth, data-driven tech company that is on a mission to revolutionize the $1 trillion travel and leisure industry. By leveraging AI and machine learning, we are building a consumer-centric online travel experience that will offer both breadth of selection and curated recommendations, allowing travelers to book with ease, confidence, and speed. Our goal is not just to be the next great traveltech company, but to be the destination that smart travelers go back to time and time again to book their trips. We were recently certified by the global authority on workplace culture as a Great Place to Work, and we were also named one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Boston by Built in Boston. We're hiring - check us out! The SmarterTravel family of websites includes: SmarterTravel.com, airfarewatchdog.com, oyster.com, familyvacationcritic.com, and bookingbuddy.com.

eCommerce • Information Technology • Software
48 Employees

WordpressIntegrationa leading WordPress Development Company headquartered in Oak Park, CA. We have delivered over 7200+ WordPress projects to more than 4900+ clients from different industries. We offer a diverse range of services to Small Businesses, Agencies, Enterprises, and Startups.

Internet of Things • Machine Learning • Software • Wearables
8 Employees

Iterate Labs’ mission is to harmonize the interaction between people and the processes in which they work through digitized human motion. At Iterate Labs, we have developed the first AI-powered IIoT platform that digitizes human motion into precise, actionable, data-driven insights and enables business leaders to monitor, engage, and manage their workforces at scale, in real-time. Powered by wearables and computer vision, Iterate Labs digitizes worker action and location in real-time, and builds localized AI models to deliver insights to manufacturers for productivity, safety, and training. Iterate labs is an exciting VC-backed startup recently closing a venture round led by Monozukuri Ventures and Tyson Ventures. We are quickly hiring and growing our team to scale our platform as we move towards our Series A raise. Exciting time to get in early before our company goes to the moon!

150 Employees

Trusted by 35 posts worldwide, Escher is transforming the economics, speed and customer experience of post retail and logistics. With its unique software platform, purpose-built for profitably transforming customer engagement for posts, Escher supports billions of customer transactions across thousands of points of engagement, providing hundreds of

Productivity • Software
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
950 Employees

airSlate is a global SaaS technology company that serves tens of millions of innovators worldwide with its no-code workflow automation, electronic signature, and document management solutions. The company's portfolio of award-winning products, airSlate, pdfFiller, and signNow, empower teams to create, innovate, and automate to digitally transform their organizations to run faster and easier.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Automotive • On-Demand • Software
Chicago, Illinois, USA
200 Employees

Hubs is an online manufacturing platform that provides engineers with on-demand access to a global network of manufacturing services. Users can easily upload their design, instantly receive a quote, and start production at the click of a button. Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Hubs has raised over US$30 million and produced more than 7 million parts, using various manufacturing technologies, including CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication

Hardware • Healthtech
27 Employees

Led by a team with decades of experience in audio innovation, Eversound is reinventing the way sound is delivered to senior audiences. We're a growing startup in downtown Boston that is focused on using technology to provide a better quality of life for older Americans. Every day we change lives, through improved hearing.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Transportation • Energy
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
15 Employees

At Electra Vehicles we are passionate about electrifying the mobility sector with our EnPower Energy Storage Design Suite, EVE-Ai onboard controls and analytics solutions for battery packs. These software solutions excel in a multitude of applications including electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and electric fleet management.

Productivity • Software
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
400 Employees

CircleCI is the best platform for software teams looking to rapidly build quality projects, at scale. Our intelligent continuous integration and delivery tools are simple yet powerful. Our aim is to provide the wisdom of a connected development ecosystem to every team member making technology decisions.

Hardware • Healthtech • Software
1,000 Employees

Verily's mission is to make the world’s health data useful so that people enjoy longer and healthier lives. The company was launched in 2015 and is a subsidiary of Alphabet. The transition to preventive care will help people live happier, healthier lives and lower the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning
85 Employees

Here at Mavenoid, we’re building a platform for technical support of physical products. Companies use Mavenoid to help their customers install, use, and troubleshoot everything from consumer electronics and home appliances to industrial robots and drones. With some of the world’s most iconic brands as clients and $16 million in funding from leading VC firms, we’re on a journey to make tech support painless. Founded in 2017 by a team from Palantir and Google, today we have an office in Stockholm, Sweden and plans on an NYC office but have a virtual first, office optional culture with Mavens located all over the US and Europe.

Fitness • Healthtech • Wearables • Biotech • Nanotechnology
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
22 Employees

SiPhox is a high-impact startup in Burlington, MA integrating microfluidics, biochemistry and Silicon Photonics to miniaturize proteomics. Silicon Photonics is a platform technology for optics miniaturization that has revolutionized the data center industry over the last two decades. SiPhox’s photonic chips enable us to provide 100x smaller, 100x lower cost, highly scalable, multiplexed diagnostics. Founded in February 2020, SiPhox has expanded into an over 7000 sq. ft. lab & office space, raised $8.5 million (seed round, from backers such as Y-combinator and Khosla Ventures), and we are tirelessly working to scale our team and bring our product to market.

Cloud • Information Technology • Security • Software
Lexington, Massachusetts, USA
1,800 Employees

Mimecast (NASDAQ: MIME) was born in 2003 with a focus on delivering relentless protection. Each day, we take on cyber disruption for our tens of thousands of customers around the globe; always putting them first, and never giving up on tackling their biggest security challenges together.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Cloud • Software
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
230 Employees

Logz.io is a cloud-native observability platform providing unified monitoring, troubleshooting, and security for modern DevOps teams and engineers. We empower engineers to find and resolve production issues faster by offering the world’s most popular and familiar open source monitoring tools—ELK, Grafana, and Jaeger—in a single, easy-to-use, and powerful tool that is purpose-built for monitoring distributed cloud environments.

Healthtech • Software
50 Employees

Madaket Health eliminates non-strategic, administrative costs in the healthcare system and allows providers, intermediaries, and insurance companies to communicate more efficiently. We are hiring! Visit https://madaket-health.breezy.hr. for current openings