27 Big Data Companies in Boston Delivering Big Insights

These big data companies work across industries, from finance to genomics and weather tracking.

Written by James Risley
Published on Apr. 03, 2024
27 Big Data Companies in Boston Delivering Big Insights
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These days, companies are awash in data, but it’s all worthless without proper analysis. That’s why Boston’s big data companies are working to pull out the signal from the noise and structure data sets to make them useful for data scientists, sales professionals and everyone in-between. The companies work in a wide array of industries, from finance and marketing to genomics and weather tracking.

Top Big Data Companies in Boston

  • Panalgo
  • InterSystems
  • Tamr
  • Cogito
  • Klaviyo
  • Kensho Technologies
  • DataRobot
  • Agero + Swoop
  • Localytics
  • GNS Healthcare


Novo Nordisk is a pharma and biotech company that develops technologies, therapeutics and treatments for severe chronic diseases. Much of its work is in modeling proteins, which it does with advanced protein modeling software and new data science tools that can create prediction models. The big data sets that inform this work are handled by specially trained big data scientists with backgrounds in laboratory science and healthtech.  


BlueConic brings businesses a customer data platform that allows them to unify and glean actionable insights from first-party data so that they can make informed, strategic decisions that drive improved customer interactions and relationships. BlueConic operates across multiple locations, but maintains its headquarters in Boston.


Arcadia makes a cloud-based data platform that is designed to provide healthcare organizations with analytics solutions. In the pursuit of improving outcomes and increasing cost and time efficiency, healthcare payers and providers along with government entities can use Arcadia’s products to access a comprehensive view of key patient information.


Jellyfish, an engineering management platform, helps organizations align their engineering work with business objectives. Its platform aims to help customers optimize the allocation of their engineering resources by providing visibility into engineering organizations and their workflows. Jellyfish counts Medium and Toast among its customers and has been honored as a top company on the InfraRed 100.   


Starburst offers a data lake analytics platform that’s able to connect to multiple data sources, analyze significant amounts of data and provide quick access to shareable insights. Comcast, Grubhub, Verizon and Upwork have been among Starburst’s customers, which include dozens of companies across a broad range of industries and sizes.


Immuta is a cloud data security company that serves industries with high information security needs, like manufacturing and supply chain, health care and financial services. Immuta’s platform prioritizes speed and security in data usage. The company says it allows users 100-times-faster access to their data and has a native integration with Google BigQuery, which processes read-only big data sets.


Panalgo operates a healthcare analytics platform that allows organizations throughout the life sciences and pharma environments to focus on the data that really matters. The company’s software, known as IHD, removes complex programming from the analytics process and focuses on modeling and strategy to provide companies with a more thorough understanding of their products’ values, allowing them to make clearer, evidence-based decisions when charting a path forward.


InterSystems produces products that allow organizations in the healthcare industry, as well as life sciences, finance, business and governmental organizations, to manage their data and perform better than ever. The company’s line of products includes the IRIS Data Platform – an intuitive method of building cloud-first applications with machine learning capabilities to bridge the gap between data and application silos.


Tamr is a data connection and data fusion platform that aims to reduce the time and effort required to connect and enrich data sources. The platform combines machine learning and advanced algorithms with collective human insight to identify data sources, understand relationships and curate data.


Kensho is a data analytics and machine intelligence company that was developed by a team out of Harvard and MIT. The company uses natural language search queries and secure cloud computing to create analytics for financial professionals. Kensho’s intelligent computer system helps Wall Street answer difficult financial questions.


Agero is changing the driving experience for over 80 million people on the road through accident management services, mobile apps and telematics. Trusted by a variety of top insurance carriers, Agero’s solutions benefit everyone in the automotive world from drivers to service providers. Founded in 1972, the company has evolved through different names and products but is always looking for the next innovative solution for the driving community.


If you’ve ever been reminded of an abandoned online shopping cart full of Target knick knacks, you have Klaviyo to thank. Klaviyo is an email marketing platform where companies can pull crucial data from all of their marketing tools to create more personal ads. Companies including Chubbies, Beardbrand, Taylor Stitch and The Elephant Pants all use Klaviyo to access the data needed to create better ad campaigns.


Personalized healthcare solutions are the future of medicine, and GNU Healthcare wants to make that happen. While that means doctors understanding patients, analyzing all the data from across health systems can simplify planning care, scheduling shift and even streamline payments. 


Founded in 2011, SessionM is a customer engagement and loyalty platform that empowers brands to forge stronger and more profitable customer relationships. The company’s platform is designed to increase customer loyalty by delivering superior personalized experiences rooted in customer data.


Founded in 2007, Cogito provides human aware technology that helps professionals improve their performance. The company’s AI analyzes hundreds of conversational behaviors to provide live in-call guidance with a real-time measure of customer success.


Data scientists are in short supply, so DataRobot is using machine learning technology to make sure insights aren’t being lost. The DataRobot platform lets data scientists quickly build and deploy predictive models in shorter time frames, bring down the cost of working with big data. Using massively parallel processing to train thousands of models, the company is able to find just the right algorithms for many data problems.


TVision compiles television performance metrics that help to inform brands, agencies and TV networks on the true value of their content. By using computer vision to determine when a viewer’s eye is on screen, companies like McDonalds, T-Mobile and ESPN have been able to optimize their content to make it more engaging for customers.


With the mix of mobile website wonkiness, in-app browsing and vastly differing usage patterns, getting insight into how your smartphone-focused website or app is performing can be challenging. Localytics uses big data to target in-app messages, personalize campaigns and optimize push notifications. The company's product is used in more than 37,000 apps, including those from ESPN, Fox and the New York Times.


As medicine shifts to deliver more value-based care, SHYFT Analytics provides helpful solutions for life science companies to easily perform clinical and commercial data integration. SHYFT sends personalized analytics to more than 5,000 users daily, performs more than 1,000 quality checks on client data, and manages over $30 billion in product sales volume all on their platform.


Founded in 1983, Charles River Analytics is no newcomer to the business of big data. The company provides a range of intelligent systems for numerous government and commercial customers, and its innovative products have landed it work with the DoD, NASA and DARPA.


Clothing may not seem like an obvious industry to apply big data analysis, but fashion trends of evolve over time, with close siblings and far-flung cousins spread around the globe. True Fit uses its footwear and apparel Genome dataset to spot those similarities and helps clients' customers find new style options that fit their needs.


InsightSquared delivers sales performance analytics for fast-growing tech companies in need of data. The software delivers pre-built reports and real-time sales analytics, helping organizations get a better handle on accountability, multi-dimensional analysis and more accurate forecasting. InsightSquared has been named a top place to work in Massachusetts by Forbes, the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal.


Big data can be useful throughout an organization, but it often takes intense training to use these products. RapidMiner simplifies the process, using simple drag-and-drop editing to crunch data with machine learning techniques. Initially, the platform was developed at the Technical University of Dortmund, but moved to Boston in 2006 to commercially develop the project. The company currently has offices in Boston, London;, Dortmund, Germany and Budapest, Hungary.


Data is data, but many companies specialize in mining data in just one industry. Paradigm4’s SciDB is fit for a range of applications, surfacing insights from genomic, financial and clinical data, among others. The company’s client list includes NASA, MIT Lincoln Laboratories and the National Institutes of Health. Database researcher Michael Stonebraker founded the company in 2014.


Computers analyzing big data sets have the potential to spot trends humans could easily miss, and those discoveries can save lives. Somerville-based Curoverse handles biomedical data to help spot what’s hiding within. But it also makes it easy to handle all the compliance issues that come with such sensitive data while still making information and results shareable.


Tracking the weather means tracking a lot of data. Understory Weather has a network of sensors keeping track of the weather at the Earth’s surface, instead of using traditional radar that tracks atmospheric conditions. The company then processes all that data and offers their findings to insurance companies, agriculture firms and other industries so they can make more informed decisions.


While analyzing data can be difficult, just collecting it is a complicated procedure. Sentenai developed a cloud infrastructure to handle all that data, making it easy to handle down the road or in real time. The company, which was founded last year, also helps companies access that data and historical data sets to enable powerful predictions faster.

Rose Velazquez, Margo Steines and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story. This article was originally published in 2017.

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