From the White House to the NYSE: 7 Companies Putting Boston Tech in the Spotlight

Boston tech has had a busy year and shows no sign of slowing down as the holidays approach.

Written by Michael Hines
Published on Oct. 27, 2023
From the White House to the NYSE: 7 Companies Putting Boston Tech in the Spotlight
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Boston tech companies have been attracting some serious attention as of late. Employee experience management software maker Nexthink was named best in its industry for 2022 by a prominent consulting firm. Vacuum cleaner and home appliance company NinjaShark rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year.

Let’s not forget  management consultancy and technology firm ZS was honored by the White House earlier this year for its work with artificial intelligence and privacy.

Of course, these aren’t the only Boston tech companies your eyes should be on. Continue reading to learn more about these three along with several other exciting Boston tech companies — many of which are hiring now.



 A SharkNinja vacuum


What SharkNinja does: SharkNinja is the parent company behind the Shark brand of vacuums and the Ninja brand of cooking appliances.


The Perks:

  • A 401(k) program with a 4 percent match and a charitable contribution match of up to $500
  • Free breakfast in the office on Fridays and summer food trucks every Thursday
  • A tuition reimbursement program and support for attending job trainings and conferences
  • Adoption assistance, childcare benefits and generous parental leave


Riding solo: This summer, SharkNinja was spun off from its parent company, JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited, and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SN.” Company executives were on the floor of the NYSE to ring the bell and celebrate the event.


What ZS does: ZS is a management consultancy and technology firm specializing in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and sales and marketing solutions.

The Perks:

  • Generous parental leave and a return-to-work program for new parents
  • A 401(k) match and available performance bonuses
  • Generous PTO and paid-time-off to volunteer
  • Tuition reimbursement, support for accessing online courses and a mentorship program


Presidential status: This March, ZS was a winner of a challenge held by the United States and United Kingdom centered around protecting privacy during the development of artificial intelligence models. ZS participated in the pandemic response and forecasting track and was the only non-university team to place in the competition. 



Our new location is close to most major lines of public transit, and we're surrounded by the best food & entertainment in the city! With a hybrid work environment, our office experience team is working to curate weekly social events and meaningful gatherings for employees to connect.

What Nexthink does: Companies use Nexthink’s software to measure and manage employee technology use and proactively identify and solve IT issues.


The Perks:

  • Adoption assistance, generous parental leave and childcare benefits
  • Three paid days off per year to volunteer and a charitable contribution match
  • A 401(k) match, available performance bonuses and company equity
  • A continuing education stipend and access to online course subscriptions


Best of the best: Earlier this year, American consulting firm Frost & Sullivan named Nexthink its 2022 Company of the Year for the digital employee experience category. The award is given to companies that demonstrate excellence in growth strategy and implementation as well as innovation in product development. Kaitlyn Price, information and communication technology principal at Frost & Sullivan, said in a press release that the robustness of Nexthink’s platform helped it capture the award.

“The Nexthink platform spans the widest variety of assets supported among providers, which few if any other DEX providers can monitor,” said Price.



We're in Bedford - a great commuter location if you're living in the 'burbs' but also reachable for those that prefer the city life in Boston. We have many remote teammates, so really, your neighborhood is our neighborhood.

What EDB does: Enterprise companies use EDB’s Postgres software and services to save money on database costs.


The Perks:

  • Generous parental leave and pre-tax dependent care accounts
  • A 401(k) match and available performance bonuses
  • A companywide wellness day each third Friday of the month
  • A $500 home office stipend


Experienced leaders wanted: EDB currently has open director roles for experienced sales, tech and cybersecurity professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers. In addition, there is also an opening for a VP of product management, a position requiring more than eight years of PM experience and a history of working with data platforms and online transaction processing database systems.


A person receiving an injection



What Endpoint does: Endpoint’s technology helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies manage patient allocation and drug supplies during randomized clinical trials.

The Perks:

  • Fertility benefits, generous parental leave and childcare benefits
  • A 401(k) match program and performance bonuses
  • A continuing education stipend and subscriptions to online courses
  • An unlimited vacation policy


Plan your path: In a February interview, Elizabeth Sawyer, senior director of human resources, spoke with Built In Boston about how Endpoint’s managers help their team members reach their professional development goals.

“Every employee is tasked to create an individual development plan where short and long-term goals are identified,” said Sawyer. “Every employee regularly reviews their IDP with their manager and reflects on the achievement of their goals or newly learned skills or knowledge.”


What connectRN does: Nurses and certified nursing assistants use connectRN’s platform to find work on-demand shift work.


The Perks:

  • Generous parental leave and family medical leave
  • A 401(k) match, company equity and available performance bonuses
  • A home office stipend for remote employees and an office with onsite parking and a free gym
  • An unlimited vacation policy and paid time off to volunteer


Expanding its reach: This April, connectRN announced that it had expanded into hospitals after previously only being available in nursing facilities and in home healthcare settings. In addition to its Tennessee and Florida launches, the company also announced plans to expand into hospitals nationwide. 



We’re in Kendall Square — perhaps the most concentrated square mile of startups, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial people in the world.

What BookBub does: BookBub’s platform helps readers discover new books via curated recommendations and discounted e-books.


The Perks:

  • Generous parental leave, a return-to-work program for parents and company-sponsored family events
  • An unlimited vacation policy and flexible working hours
  • Access to job training and conferences, stipends for paid industry certifications and customized professional development tracks
  • Dedicated DEI staff and ERGs and mandated unconscious bias training


All booked up: BookBub isn’t just in the business of books. The company is also filled with avid readers, which Hannah Feldman, people operations business partner, said has made a noticeable impact on its office and events.

“Our office is full of advance copies we receive from authors and publishers, and all of our conference rooms are named after authors,” said Feldman. “As you might imagine, we also have a book club every quarter!”



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies

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