Boston’s got talent: Meet 4 of the city’s HR tech providers

by Cailin Crowe
March 15, 2019

HR tech solutions are eliminating grunt work from the hiring process and helping companies recruit top talent.

From email automation to behavior predictions, new tech is easing recruiting pains. We’ve rounded up four of Boston’s top HR tech solutions that help companies land their dream employees — and vice versa.


workable Boston HR team
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Across the globe, about $270 billion a year is forked over in outsourced recruiting costs. Workable wants to change that. The company provides recruitment software that spares companies from less-than-desirable tasks like updating spreadsheets and sending follow-up emails. Their software automates major parts of the recruitment process and uses a predictive algorithm to help pinpoint the right people for the right job. The startup aims to improve workflows that will save companies time and money. With big name customers like Deloitte, Make-A-Wish and Domino’s, they are well on their way to achieving their goals.


the predictive index team meeting
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With roots tracing back to World War II, The Predictive Index has witnessed countless changes to the talent space. Their SaaS platform and suite of tools help companies find talent, curate skilled teams and manage that same talent. They also provide consulting and management workshops that cover topics ranging from employee onboarding to training HR leaders. With 60 years in the game, The Predictive Index shows no signs of slowing down. They recently secured $50 million in funding to double their employee headcount and build a team-building playbook for employers.


JazzHR Shutterstock HR team
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Being late for an interview won’t necessarily cost you the job, according to JazzHR. But “bad-mouthing” a former employer or using a cell phone during an interview are two definite deal breakers. The Waltham-based company helps SMB business owners skip many of those interview headaches with their recruiting software. The technology replaces manual recruiting tasks for recruiters and hiring managers. Their solution results in strong hires and of course, fewer bad interviews.


clear company team meeting Boston
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ClearCompany, a recruiting and talent management software provider, is another major player in Boston’s HR tech space. Their customers use the software to identify top traits of an ideal candidate to guide recruitment. On top of defining top talent, or “A players,” the company provides easy-to-use mobile tools that keep hiring managers happy and engaged. The software automates custom interview questions, scheduling and interview scorecards. With a recent injection of $60 million in funding, the company also has major hiring goals of its own.



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