Nanoramic Laboratories

Nanoramic Laboratories

46 Total Employees
41 Local Employees
Year Founded: 2010

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Revolutionizing energy storage for electric vehicles and industrial and consumer electronics.

Established in 2016 to extend the use of nanomaterials into new markets, Nanoramic® Laboratories is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, and licenser of Neocarbonix™ electrodes, Fastcap® Ultracapacitors and Thermexit™ thermal interface gap filler pads. Nanoramic was born from the research and development of world record high temperature ultracapacitor technology funded by NASA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense. Now Nanoramic is commercializing this technology to revolutionize growing industries like electric vehicle batteries and consumer and industrial electronics. Nanoramic’s predecessor, FastCAP Systems (now FastCap Ultracapacitors), was founded in 2009 by two PhDs from MIT. The company received sizable government grants leading to the development of the only ultracapacitors capable of operating in temperatures up to 150°C and under conditions of high shock and vibration. The FastCap Ultracapacitors family of products has since expanded to include wide temperature range lithium-ion capacitors, structural ultracapacitors, and the only reflowable, low ESR, slim profile ultracapacitor on the market. The hard work required to develop energy storage for such extreme environments drove our engineers to develop Neocarbonix, an electrode platform for rechargeable Li-ion batteries, Li-ion capacitors, and supercapacitors that would outperform all competitors. In addition to Neocarbonix and FastCap Ultracapacitors, the Nanoramic product family includes Thermexit. Thermexit is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads. Thermexit gap fillers are a non-reactive, non-silicon, no cure system featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. Our culture of transparency, empowerment, disciplined thinking, and experimentation is what drives us to build world-class technology