Why This Software Engineer Loves Working at MORSE Corp

From “Fresh Vibes Fridays” to opportunities to pursue innovation, there are many reasons why Trevor Condon is excited to show up to work each day at the growing company.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jun. 11, 2024
Why This Software Engineer Loves Working at MORSE Corp
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If Trevor Condon could describe MORSE Corp’s culture in one word, it would be “flamingos.” 

There’s a backstory, of course: When he initially joined the company as part of a co-op program, Condon and some of his peers decided to show up to work in bright button-down shirts adorned with flamingos. Other team members took notice, and soon, “Fresh Vibes Fridays” were born, resulting in MORSE-branded swag to celebrate the weekly tradition. 

“If you ever see a group of people wearing bright flamingo shirts and walking around Kendall Square on a Friday, that’s us,” the software engineer said. 

In Condon’s mind, this tradition encapsulates the essence of MORSE Corp’s culture; one defined by camaraderie and bolstered by the ability to make an impact. Since joining the company, he has had the chance to tackle a variety of complex, exciting projects alongside ambitious peers while watching his unique ideas take flight — literally. 

“The incredibly interesting work at MORSE Corp is what drew me in, but the hands-on experience, fun work environment and awesome people is what hooked me,” he said. 

Built In Boston caught up with Condon to learn about his experience at MORSE Corp and the reasons why he loves in-office workdays. 


Trevor Condon
Software Engineer • MORSE Corp

MORSE Corp develops solutions for use in the U.S. National Security ecosystem. The company’s capabilities include advanced analytics, platform integration, human-centered design and decision systems. 


How long have you been with MORSE Corp, and what convinced you that it was the right company for you?

I completed a six-month co-op with MORSE Corp from July 2021 to January 2022 and started full time in August 2022, totaling just under two and a half years with the company. A month into my co-op, I knew that if I was offered a full-time position, I’d be accepting it. 

I was surrounded by intelligent people who were easy to work with and were just as eager, if not more so, to solve new, interesting and challenging problems. I had the opportunity to attend and support flight tests many times, giving me the opportunity to see the direct results of my work in flight on an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is something I never expected as a computer science major and software engineer. When I realized that going to work every day continued to feel like doing cool stuff with my friends, I knew MORSE Corp was the right spot for me.


“When I realized that going to work every day continued to feel like doing cool stuff with my friends, I knew MORSE Corp was the right spot for me.”


What are your favorite aspects of MORSE Corp’s office? 

The location and view from the office is probably my favorite part. We’re located right on the Charles River in the heart of Kendall Square, surrounded by plenty of great lunch options and outdoor seating during the warmer-weather months. Every once in a while, I even walk across the Longfellow to Beacon Hill for lunch. Being right on the river makes for beautiful, scenic walks at any time of the day, whether it be to give the mind a rest for a few or to keep the blood flowing. 

We’re also located on the 14th floor, with 360-degree panoramic windows, giving gorgeous views of the Boston skyline and the entire surrounding area. I think what makes this spot special is the fact that I can turn my head at my desk and watch the sailboats on the Charles River, stare at downtown Boston or check out what the traffic looks like on Storrow. When I go to a conference room for a meeting or to a team member’s desk to chat, I practically run into people because I’m staring out the windows as I walk. I’m truly grateful that I have the privilege to see Boston the way I do from this office.


What sets MORSE Corp’s workplace apart?

We’re a group of individuals who work hard and solve challenging problems, but have so much fun doing it. I come from a family of circus performers, and I feel like I can be my full, true self in the office. Besides the office pranks, joking around and fresh vibes, we also field innovative and disruptive products to the U.S. National Security ecosystem, which I think says something about the people and culture here.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by MORSE Corp.

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