Embracing Global Opportunities at Mirakl

Mirakl drives innovation and personal growth across borders through tight-knit multinational teams, global relocation support and professional development programs.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jun. 27, 2024
Embracing Global Opportunities at Mirakl
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“I’m a Brazilian native working for a French company out of their U.S. headquarters,” Felipe Dias Morais Magalhães said. “In my professional life, I have never seen a company support an individual or family relocation like Mirakl does.”

For Dias Morais Magalhães, a solution consulting manager, relocating to Boston to work on B2B marketplaces at Mirakl was a “no brainer.”

“One of the greatest things about being in the Boston area is having the chance to work with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds,” he said. “This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and my family.”


Felipe Dias Morais Magalhães, his wife and their two children pose for a photo at a restaurant in New England. 


Mirakl’s multicultural team is the foundation of its company culture, and employees become adept at working across cultures regardless of their geographic location. 

“The challenges of being part of an international team are also usually the positive aspects,” Dias Morais Magalhães said. “Understanding the particularities of a different culture is crucial when working with people from various countries. Sometimes a behavior common in one culture may not be well accepted in another. But that's exactly what makes working with an international team exciting — you will always learn something new, and you will always need to change and adapt.”


“That’s what makes working with an international team exciting — you will always learn something new, and you will always need to change and adapt.”


“We have meetings and gatherings, both remote and onsite, where we share challenges from a specific customer and listen to different opinions and suggestions to support the resolution,” Dias Morais Magalhaes said. “I'm always amazed to see when problems are universal across the globe, but the solution can vary depending on the culture and the country.”


Growth Across Borders

At Mirakl, professional growth and interpersonal connection are prioritized through several key initiatives.

Marie Mollaret, a senior customer success consultant located in Melbourne, Australia, has found that these initiatives have not only supported her advancement but also helped keep the global team aligned.

“We have a comprehensive training and development routine that includes internal workshops and access to online courses to keep our team updated on Mirakl features and new solutions,” Mollaret said. “This continuous learning approach ensures we are always at the forefront of the latest developments.”

Mollaret’s career also benefited from Mirakl’s global relocation program, and her journey from a business analyst intern in Paris to a senior customer success consultant role in Australia mirrored Mirakl’s own growth as a company.

When Mollaret joined the Australian team, she encountered new challenges, but the Mirakl team in Australia has helped her surmount them.

“Managing time zone differences between Australia and EMEA or NORAM can complicate communication and requires a lot of flexibility,” she noted. “Additionally, taking on a new portfolio of customers required building relationships from scratch.”

To address these challenges, Mollaret leverages the experience of team members familiar with the market and immerses herself in local culture through activities like reading local newspapers and visiting local shops. These efforts have allowed her to gain insights into market specificities and expand her expertise regarding Australia’s consumer culture, all while enjoying her new home.

“Mirakl's international culture is more than just a concept — it’s embedded in our daily operations, events and professional development opportunities,” Mollaret said. “This culture fosters unity, celebrates diversity and enhances cross-cultural communication, making Mirakl a vibrant and inclusive place to work.”


“Mirakl's international culture fosters unity, celebrates diversity and enhances cross-cultural communication, making Mirakl a vibrant and inclusive place to work..”


Two images of Lindsay Becker enjoying Japanese cuisine.


International Teams Seeking Global Solutions

Manager of Client Success Lindsay Becker, based in Dallas, Texas, recently traveled to Japan and saw the benefits of learning cross-culturally from Mirakl’s international teams while seeking a solution that served teams across continents.

“Mirakl actively fosters professional growth and interpersonal connections through global opportunities that allow us to engage with diverse teams,” Becker said. “My recent trip to Japan to train a new team member was not just about imparting knowledge but also about learning from an intelligent team that is dynamically establishing a presence in a new market.”

One significant challenge in international collaborations, particularly in Japan, is the language barrier. Becker helped integrate a custom GPT model to translate and adapt content into Japanese, bridging the communication gap and enhancing client interactions. The solution draws on Becker’s long experience implementing AI tools for Mirakl’s global teams.

“While I have managed most of these efforts remotely — from Barcelona to France to Australia — my visit to Japan stands out as a unique chance to engage directly with our team there,” she said. “This experience has been incredibly rewarding, as it highlights the potential of digital tools and AI to bridge distances and bring us closer to our global colleagues. I'm grateful for the trust and resources Mirakl has provided, allowing me to contribute to our shared goals and help solve complex challenges in client success worldwide.”


Lindsay Becker poses with colleagues in Mirakl’s Japan office.


In addition to supporting her global partners, the trip also helped Becker advance her own work.

“These experiences have been immensely enriching, providing me with invaluable insights that I have brought back to the United States and applied in my interactions with my own clients,” she said. “This global engagement is not only a fantastic perk of working at Mirakl but something that deeply enriches our work and personal growth.”

Mirakl's vibrant and inclusive international culture is also highlighted through events like the upcoming global client success team meeting in Paris.

“This event is a cornerstone of our international culture, providing a platform to share success stories, celebrate achievements and foster collaboration among team members from around the world,” Mollaret said. “It’s a unique opportunity for face-to-face interactions, strengthening the bonds within our global community.”

At Mirakl, transcending borders is a practice embedded in daily operations, events and professional development opportunities. As employees like Dias Morais Magalhaes, Mollaret and Becker demonstrate, experiences and opportunities at Mirakl enrich both professional and personal growth, creating a truly global and connected workplace.


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Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Mirakl.

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