5 tech companies looking for UX design talent now

Justine Hofherr
May 15, 2017


There are few corners of the tech industry quite as hot as UX design.

With the rapid digitalization of services and products, startups and big companies across industries need the help of talented UX designers to make sure their goods are user-focused and easy to use. If you’re looking to grow your career in this fascinating field, here are five Boston tech companies that just might add you to their team.



The gig: Senior User Experience Designer

What you’d be doing: As part of the UX team at CloudLock, a company that helps organizations protect their sensitive data in public cloud applications, you’ll work with other designers, product managers and developers to create and translate requirements into a highly usable interface as part of a rapid development process.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with working knowledge of common design tools such as Sketch, Omnigraffle, Axure and Adobe Creative Suite.

Why you should apply: You’re passionate about the future of cloud security.



The gig: Senior UX Designer

What you’d be doing: You will collaboratively partner with product management, customer success, marketing, sales and business development to establish a forward-looking user experience that touches every aspect of the customer journey.

Who they’re looking for: Toast, an all-in-one restaurant management software platform, wants someone with experience conducting upfront, qualitative user research, in addition to moderated and unmoderated usability testing.

Why you should apply: You love the hospitality and service industry and have a burning desire to make a more pleasant experience for all people involved.



The gig: UX Design Lead (Mobile)

What you’d be doing: You’d design smart, intuitive and fun mobile experiences that Demiurge Studios’ players will love. Founded in 2002, Demiurge makes mobile games like recent hit Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Who they’re looking for: The ideal candidate has an intuitive understanding of what makes UX compelling, paired with a strong understanding of the unique challenges surrounding game development.

Why you should apply: You’re obsessed with games and are confused as to why UX seems like an afterthought for so many of them.



The gig: UX Designer

What you’d be doing: Working collaboratively with product managers, designers and developers to identify user problems and design innovative solutions for KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine.

Who they’re looking for: Someone who is comfortable with ambiguity and is able to thrive with minimal process and direction.

Why you should apply: You’re obsessed with travel and love the idea of using KAYAK’s four weeks of paid vacation time.


The gig: UX Designer

What you’d be doing: Researching and representing the needs of Superpedestrian’s customers while designing engaging experiences around the company’s flagship product — the Copenhagen Wheel, a special wheel that learns how a bike rider pedals and integrates organically with his or her motion.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a team-focused attitude.

Why you should apply: You want to be a part of a cutting-edge team that’s transforming urban mobility.

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