Native Operations Engineer - iOS

| Needham, US

The Opportunity:

To have a significant impact on a strategic new product initiative at one of the very few companies operating at internet scale. This is a data-driven, customer-facing, fast-paced gig.

While your primary contribution will be in accelerating the development of our mobile native functionality, you will be expected to become proficient in the full stack: database, core data structures, server side business logic - servlets and services, Jenkins and build infrastructure, Ansible/Docker and configuration management, and of course what happens on the mobile device. In short order, you will have all of the skills needed to power the next decade of innovation in tech!

The Job:

TripAdvisor is investing heavily in its mobile native applications and is looking for a critical role player on the Native Operations Team. This team is made up of platform specialists who have a passion for making others go faster. Do you like to build tools? Are you curious about Ansible, Docker and other DevOps tools? If you have serious Objective-C skills and are also are comfortable with Linux, this could be the role for you. If you are the person who knows how your companies application is released out to the AppStore, or you have built your share of iOS apps and are wanting to get more exposure to the back end, we are looking for you. 

We develop in Java on Linux on the server side, Objective-C/Swift on iOS, and Java on Android. We run an Agile development process with dedicated product management embedded with the technical teams - we collaborate 24x7. We release at least every week.


  • Solid grasp of core computer science principles: data structures, algorithms, database
  • Solid grasp of core software engineering principles: OO, “good code”, “good process”
  • More than competent Objective-C programming skill
  • Understanding of design and implementation challenges/opportunities of mobile devices
  • Familiarity with iOS design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Experience shipping mobile product
  • Ability and willingness to learn - to accept constructive criticism, and to actively seek knowledge
  • Experience with Jenkins, BASH, Ruby and Python a plus
  • Willingness to mentor others in areas in which you are an expert
  • Serious smarts


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400 1st Ave, Needham, MA 02494
400 1st Ave, Needham, MA 02494

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