Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence company that provides strategic insights and inspiration for marketers. More than 45,000 Crayon users track hundreds of millions of pages across 7 million websites. Crayon's intelligence platform monitors 100+ different signals to provide a complete picture of a company's digital footprint.

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November 10, 2016
Type: funding
Investors: Founder Collective, Baseline Ventures, BoxGroup, Converge Venture Partners
April 30, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: Dharmesh Shah , Brian Halligan , Mike Volpe , Eric Ries, Othman Laraki, Jonah Goodhart, Jennifer Lum, Converge Venture Partners, Boston Syndicates (BOSS), Pen King, Nick Ducoff, Marc Bell Ventures, Brian Costello
March 11, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: Boston Syndicates (BOSS)


Founded: 2014
Funding: $5.15M
Location: Boston
Type: Technology Company
Industries: AdTech

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