Starburst Raises $22M to Help Enterprise Companies Process Data with Presto

Starburst was created by some of the developers who worked on Presto.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Nov. 21, 2019
Starburst Raises $22M to Help Enterprise Companies Process Data with Presto

SQL query engine Presto was originally created at Facebook when its team of data scientists and analysts needed a better way to run SQL queries. The Facebook team had hundreds of petabytes of data it needed to run queries on, and Presto helped them parse through these data warehouses at a faster pace. In 2013, Facebook released an open source version of Presto, and now major companies like Uber, Twitter and Netflix use it to process data.

Now, a handful of the developers who worked on Presto have joined together to start Starburst — a company that has curated the Presto experience for enterprise companies.

On Wednesday, Starburst announced that it raised $22 million in a Series A funding round. According to the company, this round is one of the largest Series A investments in the Northeast.

Starburst has added a handful of enterprise-ready features to its Starburst Presto offering. While data is often siloed into different data warehouses, Starburst Presto can pull data from multiple sources simultaneously — which saves time and resources.

“Starburst delivers data warehousing analytics, without the data warehouse,” Starburst co-founder and CEO Justin Borgman said in a statement.

Starburst board member and investor Mike Volpi added, “Data is becoming the greatest differentiator in today’s competitive environment. Presto delivers unparalleled insight from that data, enabling businesses everywhere to bolster their competitive advantage. They are uniquely positioned to become one of the greatest data companies of our time.”

Starburst plans to use this new funding to invest in product development, hiring more employees and further growth.

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