As Nasuni’s Growth Makes Waves, a Rising Tide Lifts Employees to New Career Heights

To maintain its upward trajectory, Nasuni is empowering employees such as Elke Pollischansky to grow alongside its innovative platform and ambitious goals.

Written by Anderson Chen
Published on Mar. 28, 2023
 As Nasuni’s Growth Makes Waves, a Rising Tide Lifts Employees to New Career Heights
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Nasuni, a provider of cloud-native file data services, had a breakout year in 2022. 

“Since the pandemic began in early 2020, the world has been through lockdowns, a recession, and periods of significant inflation and contraction in the equity markets,” Paul Flanagan, CEO of Nasuni, said in a press release. “We are very proud that during this challenging time, Nasuni has continued its rapid growth.”

Despite economic obstacles, Nasuni emerged from the downturn as a company marked by success and innovative products. So much so, that while others in the tech industry are shedding talent and reeling from tightened budgets, the Boston-based company is eyeing global expansion in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland while gaining a foothold through a newly-launched Innovation Centre in Ireland.  

“The trends that have fueled this momentum — cloud migration, the need for ransomware protection, and support for a hybrid workforce — are only getting stronger, and help to set a course of continued growth in 2023 and beyond,” Flanagan added in his statement.


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Bucking the Industry Trend

With two acquisitions, $60 million in funding, and a suite of new features in 2022, Nasuni has positioned itself as a leader in the file data space. Recently, the team also announced that it broke the $100 million annual recurring revenue barrier amid a 52 percent jump in new customers acquired. 


Of course, such ambition wouldn’t be possible without talented employees that scale alongside Nasuni’s explosive trajectory. Notable among them is Technical Consultant of EMEA Elke Pollischansky, whose career takeoff parallels that of her employer.

Three years ago, she joined the team as a professional services engineer. Since then, she’s transitioned to a more sales-oriented role that enables her to work closely with the account management team.

Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t a siloed task — Nasuni offers help along the way and understands that when employees thrive, the business thrives. Company culture is rooted in camaraderie.

“Everyone across the company is very helpful, whether they’re answering a technical question about our product or helping with a sales process,” Pollischansky said. “The training for both technical and sales is excellent.”

To ensure a consistent standard across regions and sectors, team members such as Pollischansky are upskilled with the right knowledge and experience to tackle large swaths of the company’s expansive market. Everyone receives access to online training and development platforms, educational and professional growth budgets, interest groups, and an open atmosphere to connect with leadership from departments outside of their own. To learn more about Nasuni’s tech, all employees are welcome to join software testing and a feedback group.  


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The fleet of Nasuni clients that rely on its file data management, security and access range across industries and sizes. While a majority of the team is based primarily in Boston, its services are used across the U.S. and in over 70 countries.

Everyone across the company is very helpful, whether it’s a technical question about our product or help with a sales process.”


“I’m dealing with a lot of different people from all over the world, both within the company and on the customer side,” Pollischansky said. 

She thinks the opportunity to interface with such a diverse group of stakeholders is a gift among elevated responsibilities. It’s a chance to expand both her personal and professional horizons as she flexes her newfound sales abilities and well-established technical aptitude. 

“These contacts make my job interesting and help me grow as a person,” she added. “My managers have been very helpful to make this transition work and find a good candidate to take over my previous role.”

As Nasuni continues to adapt to the times, with product offerings tailored to fast-changing market conditions such as hybrid remote work and increased data breaches, employees willing to grow beyond their current scope become all the more important to reward and retain. 

And with a new role, Pollischansky is marching in lockstep with her company as they face a promising future ahead.


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Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Nasuni.

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