Companies to Watch in Spring 2024: 4 Boston Teams Poised for Growth

These Boston tech companies are ready for the superbloom that comes with warmer days. Here are the ones to watch.

Written by Conlan Carter
Published on Mar. 20, 2024
Companies to Watch in Spring 2024: 4 Boston Teams Poised for Growth
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Thawing ice, budding greenery and the promise of warmer days ahead — there’s a sparkling optimism in the Boston spring air.  

As the Boston Common continues getting greener, the Boston tech scene is blossoming. Built In Boston has curated a list of four noteworthy companies gearing up for a superbloom.  

These Boston companies each have a distinct vision for the future, but what all four have in common is a curated crop of people-first benefits, inclusive company cultures and opportunities for growth. Before your next afternoon stroll, take a moment to learn more about what Boston’s top tech companies have to offer: a breath of fresh air. 


What they do: RapDev is a team of experienced SRE's and DevOps Engineers passionate about the open-source community. The RapDev team has built numerous enterprise-ready CI/CD pipelines to help customers adapt infrastructure-as-code, as well as help organizations, build velocity with their release cycles.



  • Flexible remote and hybrid work programs
  • 401(K) matching and equity options
  • Mean gender pay gap below 10 percent
  • Unlimited PTO and paid holidays
  • Home office stipend and relocation assistance


Providing career growth: RapDev offers passionate employees opportunities to learn more about software development, including free course options via NowLearning. Shakara Whitehead, an associate ServiceNow engineer at RapDev, shared her journey in a recent blog post: “I started my current position with little IT experience but a passion for technology and a willingness to learn. Over the past year, I have grown into a confident and competent ServiceNow engineer, thanks to my dedication to learning and the support of my team.”



What they do: Wasabi Technologies provides simple and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses worldwide. Wasabi empowers organizations with secure access to unlimited data without complex tiers or fees, saving costs on a service that teams can rely on.



  • Generous parental leave and childcare benefits
  • Flexible work schedule
  • 401(K) matching
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Wellness programs and mental health benefits


Who Wasabi is hiring: Wasabi is currently hiring for a mix of roles, split between remote, senior engineer opportunities and sales and business development opportunities focused on central and southern Europe.



What they do: Mendix low-code app development platform enables businesses to develop their own mobile and web applications quickly. Because Mendix requires very little coding, building and deploying apps becomes efficient and can be completed by a range of team members regardless of coding experience.



  • Remote and hybrid work programs
  • 401(K) matching, equity option and performance bonuses
  • Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff and mandated unconscious bias training
  • Job training, online course subscriptions and a bias to promote from within
  • Unlimited PTO, paid holidays and sick days and paid volunteer time


A Focus on modern diversity and inclusion: In a recent conversation with Built In Boston, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mia Ellis shared her thoughts on the DEI trends in 2024 and her advice for other leaders looking to make a real impact at their organization. “Ensure that you have an experienced professional leading this work full-time, as opposed to someone volunteering in their spare time from their full-time job,” she explained.



What they do: As the “Google Maps of IT,” LeanIX continuous transformation platform is designed to give teams control over their enterprise architecture, SaaS and microservices landscapes. The LeanIX platform gives customers multi-dimensional visibility into their software so they can quickly uncover and address any risks that threaten their business.



  • A 100% flexible working model for remote and hybrid employees
  • 401(K) matching
  • Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff and mandated unconscious bias training
  • Job training, paid industry certifications and a bias to promote from within
  • Generous PTO, paid holidays and sick days and paid volunteer time


Who LeanIX is hiring: For job seekers on the hunt for customer support roles, LeanIX is hiring a handful of roles for mid- and senior-level customer support professionals, focused on onboarding and integrations with opportunities for customer-focused technical consultants and engineers.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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