Greentech Company Breaking Launches From Colossal Biosciences

The company was developed inside of genetic engineering innovator Colossal Biosciences.

Published on Apr. 17, 2024
Greentech Company Breaking Launches From Colossal Biosciences
Breaking co-founders Vaskar Gnyawali, chief science officer, and Sukanya Punthambaker, Ph.D., CEO. | Photo: Breaking / Colossal Biosciences

Breaking, a plastic degradation and synthetic biology company, has launched with the announcement of its discovery, X-32. This microbe can break down various plastics in as little as 22 months while leaving behind carbon dioxide, water and biomass. 

The startup was developed inside of Colossal Biosciences, a Dallas-based biotech working to achieve the de-extiction of several ancient species. The company recently announced its upcoming documentary that will provide insights into its genetic engineering processes.

Breaking is developing the X-32 microbe as a natural solution for the global plastics crisis. The microbe starts working immediately and has shown promising results in degrading various plastic products such as paint brush bristles, fishing wire and dental floss. It works with polyolefins, which include products like packaging materials, polyesters such as PET bottles and polyamides like nylon.

Breaking aims to use X-32 in wastewater, food waste and marine applications. The company is working to make X-32 faster, more efficient and more effective with a harmless environmental impact. Breaking will also investigate potentially using the biomass generated during the degradation process to produce biofuels, biodegradable plastics and high-value chemicals.


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