26 Boston Healthtech Startups and Companies You Need to Know

Written by Justine Hofherr
April 3, 2024Updated: April 9, 2024

Healthcare is one of Massachusetts’ largest employment sectors, so it’s no surprise entrepreneurs have seen ample opportunities to integrate tech into the market.

In Boston especially, the healthtech field has blossomed as companies have been able to leverage their close proximity to world-class hospitals, universities and a collaborative tech scene. Today, healthtech companies are addressing some of the biggest issues healthcare faces, like coordinating home care and reviewing hospitals and doctors.

Top Healthcare Companies in Boston

  • Iterative Health
  • Panalgo
  • Veeva
  • Kyruus
  • Path AI
  • Perficient
  • Wellframe
  • PillPack
  • Care.com
  • 1upHealth

Here are the top Boston-area companies working across various areas of healthcare and leading the charge toward a more efficient healthcare system. Some are hiring, some have received notable funding and all of them are shaping the future of healthcare in Boston and the world.


Novo Nordisk has been in business for nearly a century, working on innovations in biotech and pharmaceuticals. Its primary work is in developing new treatments, technologies and solutions for severe and chronic diseases, with a focus on drug development using peptides and protein technologies as therapeutics. Novo Nordisk is well known as a force of innovation in stem cell, RNAi and genome editing technologies.


Asimov’s technology is used to genetically engineer therapeutic agents like biologics through machine learning, computer-aided design and synthetic biology. The Asimov platform offers a genetic parts library, technical guides and design software for scientists who are creating genetic systems. The company’s mission is to facilitate the growth of biotech for social good.


Linus Health is a healthtech company that uses machine learning models to analyze the results of cognitive impairment testing. The use of AI in the diagnostic context improves early detection and treatment possibilities for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Headquartered in Boston, the company has a fully distributed workforce with employees located across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ecuador. 


Click Therapeutics specializes in software development, building mobile applications doctors can prescribe as medical treatment. Its team of experts include data scientists, product managers and clinicians who aim to advance digital medicine. The company collaborates with other healthcare companies including Otsuka and Magellan Health on developing its software-based therapies.


Iterative Health brings precision medicine and diagnostics to gastroenterology. Using proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to assess endoscopic scans, the company works to optimize clinical trials searching for treatments and cures to gastrointestinal diseases like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 


To remove barriers within the healthcare industry, 1upHealth is freeing up data with a cloud-based approach. The company has developed its FHIR® cloud platform to create a single space for organizations to store, rearrange, and access patient information. With a decluttered way to manage data, providers and patients can enjoy faster visits and a more convenient healthcare experience. 


Panalgo’s healthcare analytics platform, IHD, features advanced modeling and strategy solutions that allow organizations working within the pharma and life sciences domain to discover a robust understanding of their own products. Perfect for everything from value-based contracting to ICER strategy and health economic modeling, Panalgo’s software includes tools for easy collaboration and eliminates clutter to make advanced analytics accessible to all users — leading to more informed, evidence-based decision making.


Veeva is a leading resource to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industries, providing companies with a streamlined platform for developing cloud-based research and development processes. The company’s clinical, regulatory, quality and commercial based solutions have been utilized by leading organizations from Merck to Bayer, with consulting and training services available to clients as well.


InterSystems has been the information engine behind the world's most important applications in healthcare, business and government for over 40 years. Their software products provide advanced data management, integration, and analytics technologies used daily by millions of people in 80+ countries.


PathAI’s data-driven platform provides end-to-end pathological analysis, resulting in more efficient diagnosis of disease. The company’s AI platform reduces errors in disease diagnosis, helps to identify patients who would be perfect candidates for clinical trials and finds sustainable health methods for countries with high disease rates. PathAI has teamed up with pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers-Squibb and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the new wave of data-driven healthcare.


Healthcare data is growing vastly, making it nearly impossible for insurance companies, practices, pharmacies and more to make sense of it, let alone keep track of it. Abacus Insights hopes to change that by pulling a patient’s data across sources into one location while offering insights into that data. Director of People and Culture Jaclyn Steele shared the story behind the name and why her teammates are called “beads.


Wellframe connects healthcare professionals with patients and provides vital medical data via healthtech software. The company’s software helps healthcare professionals communicate with each other, learn real-time patient data and retain more clients. Wellframe enables patients to view personalized health goals and check-in with their physician. The software helps patients and healthcare professionals focus on the bigger picture, rather than the administrative details.


Kyruus provides a data management platform for health systems. The solution handles scheduling, provider searches and ensures and consistent experience for patients. Kyruus makes relevant matches between providers and patients and is used by over 30 health systems, 400 hospitals and 115,000 providers.



Buoy Health leverages the power of AI to help guide patients along the path toward taking charge of their health and healthcare options. Buoy's chatbot technology allows users to converse and ask questions about their health. Additionally, the company's machine learning software utilizes patient health information to deliver tailored health information and specific provider options to remove barriers to accessing care.


athenahealth provides online services and mobile applications for medical groups and health systems so doctors can care for patients without seeing them face-to-face. athenahealth has over 4,000 employees and connects more than 72,000 providers and health systems nationwide with the mission to create better healthcare. Its 24/7 access platform lets patients engage with doctors, review their health history, pay bills and schedule appointments.


Devoted Health works with seniors to guide them through the healthcare system. Devoted’s mission is to treat every member like they were their own family, ensuring respect and the best health care.


SHYFT Analytics crafts solutions for life science companies to seamlessly integrate clinical and commercial data. The company’s platform serves a variety of purposes, from sales management to data insights on rare diseases. SHYFT works with biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies like Shire, Janssen and Johnson & Johnson.


PillPack is an online pharmacy offering a modern technology-based system that helps people take timely medication. PillPack took the pharmacy and planned it around your life. The company fillls, sorts and delivers all your medications in personalized packets based on when you need to take them. Their service helps you take the right meds at the right time, every time.


PatientsLikeMe is an online community that allows patients with life-altering diseases to communicate and share with one another. PatientsLikeMe gives users access to over 400,000 other patients who can help them cope with their illness day-to-day.


Care.com is an online web portal for finding suitable caregiver services for child care, senior care, housekeeping, pet care and more. Care.com provides families with a comprehensive marketplace for care and has also created the largest destination for quality caregivers to find employment and career opportunities in the country.


Careport Health is an online booking engine for post-hospital care. Hospitals can link into Careport Health's network to help evaluate and manage patients and connect them with the post-hospital care they will need. They can also track patients’ progress once they get home.


Collaborators use Emulate to advance product innovation and design across a range of applications in drug development, personalized medicine and chemical products. Based on their Organs-on-Chips technology — which places living human cells in micro-engineered environments — Emulate developed a system that provides a window into the inner-workings of the human body. Using that technology, Emulate can predict human response with greater precision and control than other testing methods.


Genospace makes cloud-based software that gives researchers instant access to analytics and data insights regarding genomics. Genospace’s tools are used for development, pathology and clinical care at advanced precision medicine organizations in the country.


Medisafe is a personalized medication management platform that helps patients stay on top of all their medications. Besides reminding patients to take their medication on time, Medisafe connects users to their family (and soon, their doctors) for support, encouragement and expertise.


meQuilibrium provides information, awareness, tools and a community to help people with stress management and increased resilience. Employers and consumers use meQuilibrium at their convenience to create individual plans for stress management.


Wellist provides healthcare clients with the insights, analytics and tools they need to address the whole patient and their non-clinical needs. Wellist offers digital health tools that improve patients’ experiences such as care assessments, in-person concierges and call center support.

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