How BlueSnap Helps Every New Hire Feel Like Part of the Team

As the way we work continues to change, so do the challenges HR teams and new hires face during the onboarding process. Built In Boston heard how BlueSnap offers their newest team members a warm welcome.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jan. 31, 2023
How BlueSnap Helps Every New Hire Feel Like Part of the Team
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“Flexible remote work policies were cited as the number one factor that has improved company culture over the past two years,” according to a recent Future Forum survey.

The business research consortium has found that employees with flexible working options rate their workplaces highly on productivity, connection and company culture — feeling more connected to their direct managers and company values compared to fully in-office peers.

For many companies, finding ways to support new employees in the first weeks after they join the team can be challenging. How can people feel included on the broader team and begin to form connections with the company identity? How can onboarding processes be equitable for every new hire regardless of hybrid or remote structure?



For the people team at BlueSnap, the company’s commitment to finding “a better way” has supported their vision for onboarding hybrid, remote and in-office new hires at their Waltham, Massachusetts, office and across their global team. “After all,” the company’s culture statement asserts, “isn’t that what it’s all about – becoming better every day?”

The onboarding process is focused on one major outcome, according to Jennifer Lombardi, a BlueSnap HR and people generalist. “Our goal is to help all new team members feel welcome, included and like they have a friend to lean on at work,” she said.

Built In Boston heard from Lombardi about how BlueSnap works to achieve that goal, from technology set up and mentorship programs to company swag and virtual team lunches.


Jennifer Lombardi
HR & People Generalist, Culture Booster • BlueSnap

BlueSnap is an international fintech company that operates an all-in-one payments platform. Clients are able to streamline payments, automate billing and invoicing and embed payments for other platforms.


What is BlueSnap’s approach to onboarding a new hybrid employee? 

At BlueSnap, we strive to create processes that work for all of our team members whether they are remote, hybrid or in-office. We have the same mindset for everyone. Hybrid new hires will start their first day or week in our Waltham, Massachusetts, office, while remote employees receive their IT equipment and welcome kit in the mail prior to their start date. All new team members are scheduled with our IT team as a first step to get them up and running. Our people team is up next to share a warm welcome and review all benefits, communication tools and more. We always strive to improve our processes here at BlueSnap. We’ve just introduced a new employee onboarding program, which includes a buddy for all of our new team members. 

Open communication is so important in creating a welcoming environment for all new BlueSnap team members.”


When onboarding a fully remote new hire, what steps do you take to make sure they feel included and are able to get to know both their in-office and remote team members?

We recognize being fully remote can be challenging when it comes to meeting fellow team members and getting up to speed. Ideally, we love for our remote team members to spend their first week in our Waltham office when possible. If that isn’t possible, we ensure day one is filled with meeting their new manager, peers, having a virtual team lunch and just settling in. Now that we’ve launched our new buddy program, the buddy will be included in day one as well. Open communication about what’s to come is so important in creating a welcoming environment for all new BlueSnap team members.


What special items do you send in your welcome kit to new hybrid or remote employees to help them feel like a part of the company from day one?

All new BlueSnap team members receive a fun welcome swag kit. Hybrid individuals will see this at their desk when they arrive, and remote team members will receive this as part of their IT package. We think a handwritten welcome note goes a long way. We also have a swag store, and all new team members receive $150 to purchase some great BlueSnap swag. We hope these fun items help share our excitement for our growing team as new employees join us.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Shutterstock and BlueSnap.

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