Rookies please apply: 8 Boston companies searching for interns

Written by Alyssa Schroer
November 10, 2017Updated: January 18, 2022

Coffee runs and endless copies are too often considered the main components of an intern's job. Luckily, internships are resembling indentured servitude less and less. Companies want fresh candidates who will lend their teams a hand while learning tangible, marketable skills. If you’re searching for real-world experience, these Boston tech companies are bringing on interns.


ctp internships boston
Photo via Facebook

Internships open: Multiple

What they do: CTP is a digital marketing agency helping brands forge an authentic connection with their audiences. CTP has worked with the Red Sox, New Balance and Pop Warner to engage fans and customers through print, broadcast and online content.

Location: 77 N. Washington St.

Founded: 1996

Funding: Undisclosed

Who they’re looking for: Candidates with strong communication skills available to work at least 20 hours per week. CTP is offering internships in the spring, summer and fall for roles ranging from account management to video production. 


flywire internships boston
Photo via Flywire

Internships open: Multiple

What they do: Flywire was founded with a mission to make tuition payments simpler for international students. Today, the service takes the stress out of sending and receiving international payments for users in 220 countries and territories.

Location: 141 Tremont St.  

Founded: 2009

Funding: $43.2M

Who they’re looking for: Students who want to gain professional skills within a variety of roles and are excited about working with the Flywire team.


bookbub internships boston
Photo via BookBub

Internships open: 3+

What they do: Bookbub sends users customized e-book deals and freebie alerts every day. Users can purchase, download and read their discounted e-books on any device.

Location: 1 Broadway (Cambridge)

Founded: 2012

Funding: $10.8M

Who they’re looking for: Students graduating in 2018 with interest in software, technology and publishing. Bookbub has multiple internship opportunities offered on a rolling basis.


basis technology internships boston
Photo via Shutterstock

Internships open: 1

What they do: Basis Technology’s software interprets unstructured text across multiple languages, using natural language processing to identify and extract information. Basis makes technology like Google’s multi-lingual search engine and Amazon’s global e-commerce platform possible.

Location: 1 Alewife Center (Cambridge)

Founded: 1995

Funding: $7.5M

Who they’re looking for: Candidates with specific computer science and engineering skill sets.


toast internships boston
Photo via Toast

Internships open: 2

What they do: Toast is a one-stop restaurant and hospitality management system. The software creates a better experience for both guests and employees with handheld tablets and kitchen display systems, managing everything from online ordering to inventory.

Location: 401 Park Drive

Founded: 2011

Funding: $133.9M

Who they’re looking for: Motivated self-starters interested in business development and software engineering programs.


enernoc internships boston
Photo via EnerNOC

Internships open: 3+

What they do: EnerNOC creates energy intelligence software, providing tools for reporting on environmental sustainability, detecting cost-saving opportunities and managing risk.  

Location: 1 Marina Park Drive

Founded: 2001

Funding: N/A

Who they’re looking for: Current students or recent graduates passionate about working in an ever-changing industry with availability January through June. 


simplisafe internships boston
Photo via Simplisafe

Internships open: 2

What they do: Simplisafe is a home security system for businesses, apartments and houses. The wire-free system can be controlled from phones or laptops and does not require any complicated installation or long-term security contracts.

Location: 294 Washington St.

Founded: 2006

Funding: $57M

Who they’re looking for: Experienced candidates interested in graphic design or hardware/firmware engineering.


fitbit internships boston
Photo via Fitbit

Internships open: Multiple

What they do: Fitbit's technology aids users on their health and fitness journeys. What began as a wearable step-tracking device has evolved into a multi-product company with fitness-focused smart scales, watches and headphones.

Location: 1 Marina Park Drive 

Founded: 2007

Funding: Undisclosed

Who they’re looking for: Fitbit has multiple openings on their engineering team, seeking students with experience in coding frameworks and languages. 


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