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| Cambridge

You’re a respected leader and a sought after collaborator. You have have a track record of designing useful, usable and delightful software solutions in complex domains, and seeing that work through from concept to implementation. Your knowledge of UI and UX patterns is broad and deep. Breaking work down into smaller chunks so progress can be made quickly and work can be distributed across a team is something you’ve done multiple times. You’re a skilled communicator and presenter who’s great at working with stakeholders and getting a diverse audience excited about your vision. Change and ambiguity are things you’re used to dealing with, so you’re naturally flexible and adaptable given the needs of the organization, project or team you’re working with. Helping to build and manage a team is something you love doing.

You’ll be focused on crafting and refining the overarching design vision for the team who’s working to insure we’re helping our members:

  1. Find value quickly

  2. Connect with their community

  3. Build a data donation habit

Fast forward one year…

Here’s the type of work you and your team will have helped to advance

  • New members know how to get started, what to do next and have a clear sense for what PatientsLikeMe has to offer them, and what they can contribute in return.

  • We’re consistently highlighting fresh, helpful, engaging content, much of it generated by other members. As a result, people keep coming back to see what’s new.

  • Connections between members are on the rise, and the interactions they’re leading to are bringing them back to the site even more often.

  • Patients can find answers to their questions. Useful content is easy to find and consume, and more members are answering each other’s questions.

  • People can see the impact their participation is having within the community. They feel like their contributions are being recognized, and as a result, participation rates are on the rise.

  • We’ve improved the usability and utility of the tools we offer to patients. It’s easier for them to learn about themselves, see patterns in what’s affecting them, and share key details with their healthcare providers and other patients looking to learn from their experiences over time.

Here’s what else has happened because you joined our team

  • When teammates and colleagues have a question about a tricky interaction design challenge, how to structure an effective meeting or design session, or what we should tackle next, they want to hear your point of view. You’ve demonstrated expertise and good judgement. You know current best practices and have a well-informed point of view about how to design changes that will have a measurable impact.

  • You’ve helped us build a happy, energized team, thanks in part to your leadership, people management and coaching skills.

  • Teammates across the organization keep talking about how much easier the site is to use and how much more consumer-friendly and engaging the experience has gotten.

You want to work on something that makes a difference.

PatientsLikeMe helps people with serious health issues get social support, learn about their health, contribute to medical research, and ultimately become more empowered patients. Our team of UX and UI designers and researchers is leading a push to make our products even more patient-centered. Collaborating with our in-house team of healthcare professionals, community managers, marketers, product managers and developers makes our work even better. Join us and become part of a design-centric organization, help drive direction of our products, and use your design skills to change the future of healthcare.

Sound like a good fit? If it does, we’d love to hear from you!

Send us a PDF including a portfolio and cover letter that includes a half-page write-up of your most significant design accomplishment, and what area(s) of focus sound like the best fit for you.

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160 2nd Street, Cambridge, MA 02142
160 2nd Street, Cambridge, MA 02142