Senior UI Artist

| Cambridge
In the dark ages of game development, UX and UI was an afterthought ...
Hey, how many bullets are left in my clip? Where do I turn down the volume? I need to combine some reagents - those three, right? Is it my turn to move? Is that the enemy’s health? Where’s her mana? How close am I to hitting my level cap? Is my guild talking to me? Is that my level or my rarity? Is that currency in a stack of ten or a hundred?
... Now we know better. Demiurge Studios needs an artist who understands interaction design subtleties while delivering visually stunning, deceptively simple interfaces. And while you’re at it, figure out that bullets-in-the-clip problem too.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design & implement static and animated user interfaces for iOS & Android games
  • Execute UI design with a keen eye for detail at all levels - game-wide UI style and the border treatments in achievement icons
  • Work independently and collaboratively with team members to solve UI challenges
  • Quickly mockup & communicate design intents in a fast-paced, highly iterative development environment
  • Accurately estimate your work and expected development times while making smart tradeoffs between quality and pace


  • Expert user of industry standard tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash/Animator
  • Experience designing screen flows for console, PC and/or iOS titles
  • A thorough understanding of visual and textual communication principles
  • Comfortable giving and receiving work critiques in open sessions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A passion for creating high quality user experiences in a team setting

Preference to Applicants with

  • Experience developing Flash/Animate interfaces
  • Credit on titles localized for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese
  • A degree in fine art or graphic design
  • Experience creating marketing materials or developing brands
  • Outside interests!

Please send a resume and a portfolio for consideration. Please include the URL for your website on your resume.

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