Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago before embarking on a multifaceted career that has included working the Chicago scene as a homicide reporter, writing as an international wine and travel journalist, and exploring the world of digital media and advertising.

As a native Texan, he is also extremely passionate about breakfast tacos (San Antonio reigns supreme) and the local music scene — in fact, he's probably at a show right now.

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A large group of DIspatch employees pose together outside during a team outing.
Dec 20, 2022
From integrations engineer to director of engineering, Jackie Madden has felt nothing but support while rising through the ranks at the home service platform.
Three employees working on a project in the office.
Dec 14, 2022
Major cultural change takes time — but it’s worth the investment. Here’s how 3 Boston DEI leaders are lifting up employees by embracing transparent feedback.
A soldier solutes in front of a sunset.
Nov 08, 2022
“Use the skills and unique life experiences that you have to push forward” and other pieces of advice from veterans now immersed in the tech world.
A person's hand reaches out to touch a 3D-printed hand.
Sep 28, 2022
At Markforged, engineering leaders have designed a culture of understanding to achieve greater retention and employee satisfaction.
Immuta group photo
Sep 27, 2022
At Immuta, employees are finding a new sense of purpose when actively engaged with their work, their managers and their team. How? By creating a stronger culture through a personality assessment and the company’s new IDP framework.
Colleagues listening to a presentation
Sep 15, 2022
Three Boston leaders share how their teams advocate for each other, experience support from leadership and create communal impact through employee resource groups.
CircleCI team member working from home
Jul 20, 2022
Employees at CircleCI are motivated to ‘fail fast’ in order to achieve future success even faster. What does that success look like? Rapid scaling, more diverse teams and rich career growth opportunities.
3D printed dinosaur skeleton with printer wall in the background
Jun 30, 2022
Through powerful and accessible fabrication tools, Formlabs is helping employees drive personal growth in their careers while expanding their reach into new markets by rethinking what’s possible.
A person reaches out to a holographic customer support icon.
May 17, 2022
In order to stay sharp for their customers, CSMs need to grow their technical product knowledge. Here’s how four Boston experts made it happen.
a close up of an hourglass on a wooden table with a person working on a laptop in the background
May 05, 2022
For these three Boston engineers, speed is important — but it’s not everything.
A businesswoman casting a shadow wearing a superhero cape onto the cement wall behind her
Mar 10, 2022
“Do not disengage, but set your own terms,” and other valuable lessons that women have learned from mentors throughout their careers.
A puzzle representing multiple team members being rearranged.
Feb 28, 2022
Leaders at four Boston companies break down how major company growth has fueled strategic product team transformation.