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We are advocates on hiring a diverse group of unique human beings who can make us better versions of ourselves. We seek to hire individuals who possess the gumption, empathy, creativity, and humility that is needed for Nylas to be successful.

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Our mission is to help developers leverage communications data and build features that increase customer engagement, productivity, and retention.
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Chaotic schedules and intense workloads come with the territory of a startup, but at Nylas "healthy work-life balance" is more than a catchy buzz phrase. After 6 months, it's mandatory that employees take 2 weeks off. On top of unlimited PTO, we also have 14 paid company holidays. Overall, I'd say work-life balance at Nylas is hard to beat!
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From day one at Nylas, employees are encouraged to show up as their authentic selves. “Inclusion matters,” Account Executive Eliza Dust said. “This value is threaded throughout every interaction at Nylas, beginning with the first interview.” That’s because fostering a tight-knit culture isn’t an endeavor taken lightly by leadership. Creating an inclusive and collaborative environment impacts trust, motivation and innovative possibilities — a factor that employees believe has paid off. “Our teams are high-performing, not afraid to discuss what’s working or what needs improvement, and we regularly give each other feedback,” Dust added. “I’m proud to work for a team where I feel empowered to share ideas and try new things.”
New parents receive 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave, both maternity and paternity.
Recognized as part of the 2022 Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers list.
Employees are granted a $1,000 annual education stipend to put toward continuous learning and skill development.
The company offers supportive ERGs for diverse identities including GEM (Gender Marginalized) and the Women’s Planning Group.
Diversity + Inclusion
Building trust by valuing every background
When asked about Nylas’ company culture, Eliza Dust doesn’t skip a beat: “Diversity is our secret sauce.” She’s not alone in her sentiments. During a 2021 All Hands Meeting, leadership announced Nylas had been recognized by Comparably as one of the Best Companies for Diversity, ranking in the top five percent. “Our goal is to nurture diversity, inclusion and support one another as we navigate the tech industry,” she said. Whether it’s creating a safe space for women to share their experiences within ERGs or lifting up the contributions of every employee, Nylas is hitting that goal — together.
On the sales team and throughout the organization, people from all backgrounds are valued for their ideas.
Company Culture
Forging a collaborative culture in a remote environment
Kenzie Healy feels connected to many of her co-workers. Most people would never guess that she hadn’t met any of them in person as a fully remote team leader. “I get the chance to connect with more people because I can go directly to the source via Slack,” she said. “It really impacts the velocity we’re able to move at.” Healy attributes this abundance of learning opportunities, like weekly customer use case analysis sessions, to the company’s fast-paced and passionate atmosphere. “Being a part of the hyper-growth phase translates to fast promotions and lots of coaching!”
The ability to try new ideas and be creative with our work is what makes every day feel like a new adventure.
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Nylas provides an API platform that enables developers to quickly and securely access and process us
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