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Healing Diseases By Sharing Info. Supporting One Another

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Boston Hacking Predictive Analytics App
May 22
02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Data Science

This is a public service meetup. Please spread the words. You can signup at the following link:


Hello everybody, 

This is a group for anyone interested in finding healing solutions to chronic diseases using big data. We do this  using a two-pronged approach: 

We find solutions for various health conditions utilizing the collective intelligence of the human knowledge. We research new and innovative ideas using a variety of media primarily through text, audio, and video. We will be able to use information from our group to find out what is successful, and then gather features to create machine learning based models for future healing. 

You do not need to have any experience with technology to be in the group! You can also choose to stay anonymous if you wish.

We are simply a group of people looking to reduce suffering in the world using the power of knowledge! All we ask of you is to bring a positive attitude, curiosity, and a desire to make the world a healthier place for all.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon! 

If you cannot attend the meeting, email your diagnosis/symptoms anonymously to [masked] . Group will discuss, and email you back any interesting info. 

You can also get help here,