12 Boston Coding Schools & Bootcamps to know

by Justine Hofherr
September 9, 2016

Whether you’re looking for a big career change, or just hoping to stay abreast of the most in-demand programming languages, these 12 places will teach you how to code in Boston.

We tried to include a little something for everyone — from the college student looking to add a couple skills to his or her resume, to the veteran product manager wanting to take a deeper dive into data analytics — so take a look around and see what program best fits your needs. We’re bound to have missed a great coding school or bootcamp, so send us an email with any you think we should add.



American Graphics Institute

American Graphics Institute is a design education program that has regularly scheduled online and in-classroom courses and workshops in over 18 categories like UX and web design.

Duration: 3.5 weeks, 24 hours/ week

Languages and frameworks: UX/UI Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Techniques and approaches: User experience courses provide a clear understanding of how to develop successful websites and apps by applying UX principles to real-world projects

Location: 120 Presidential Way, Woburn, MA 01801

Cost: individual classes range from about $500-$1000, while certificate programs cost around $4,500


Bocoup Training

Bocoup Traning offers workshops, customized classes, and coaching that gives students a deep understanding of modern web tools and the know-how to use them creatively.

Duration:  three-hour evening workshops that can be a part of bi-weekly tracks

Languages and framework:  HTML, CSS, SVG, and JavaScript, to advanced JavaScript libraries (Backbone, D3.js, jQuery) to DevOps and even UX

Techniques and approaches: Once a student picks a track (like learning open design skills), he or she can register for individual workshops that build on previous workshops in his or her selected track to amp up their skills and knowledge

Location: 201 South St, Boston, MA 02114

Cost: $149 per workshop or $399 for three workshops



Code Undercover

Great for eager entrepreneurs, Code Undercover lets students design a curriculum tailored to exactly what they want to build while learning to code along the way. They teach two tracks: web app and mobile app.

Duration: Between 8-14 weeks for a web app or 13-20 weeks for a mobile app

Languages and framework: Their web app curriculum covers Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and jQuery, while their mobile app curriculum covers everything in the Web App curriculum plus Angular and Ionic.  

Techniques and approaches: This one-on-one coding bootcamp is perfect for entrepreneurs who know what they want to see as an end product.

Location: 1 Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139

Cost:  The web app curriculum has 25-35 ($3,000-$5,000) one-hour sessions, depending on the student’s idea, while the mobile app curriculum has 35-60 ($5,000-$9,000) one-hour sessions



Firehose Project

The Firehose Project offers a robust, real-world curriculum that forces students to think like professional software engineers, learning how to build fully-functioning web applications and to take on apprentice roles in an agile team.

Duration: 24 weeks, about 37.5 hours/week

Languages and framework: HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Algorithms, JavaScript

Techniques and approaches: Students will create a sophisticated coding portfolio on GitHub, build and launch advanced web applications, and learn core computer science principles

Location: Online

Cost: $6,500


General Assembly

If you know the area of tech you want to pursue, General Assembly offers different full-time boot camps that teach tons of coding but are broken down into various specialties. Tracks include data science, UX design, and web development.

Duration: 8-12 weeks full-time

Languages and framework: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP

Techniques and approaches: In addition to building valuable skills at all professional levels, General Assembly helps students collaborate and connect with an elite network that includes Fortune 500 companies

Location: 51 Melcher St. Boston, 02210

Cost: Around $13,500-$14,500 per bootcamp


Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School offers a programming certificate that teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and language so students of varying skill-level can work in software engineering, web development, or database management.

Duration: 1.5 years

Languages and framework: C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML 

Techniques and approaches: Outcomes include becoming proficient in a focused topic area, like C, Unix/Linux programming, web interfaces, Microsoft .NET programming, or database systems

Location: 51 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Cost: $10,200


Horizons School of Technology

Horizons School of Technology is a coding school designed for smart and ambitious college students, offering full-time summer and semester programs that arm them with the software skills of an engineer and the perspective of an entrepreneur.

Duration: 13-16 weeks, 60 hours/ week

Languages and framework: Frontend dev includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AJAX, while backend dev includes Node.js, Express.js, and Mongo.db. Framework includes JS libraries and GitHub

Techniques and approaches: Students access 800 hours of learning and coding, world-class speakers and mentors, and are asked to finish four portfolio projects by the end of the program.

Location: TBD

Cost: $9,000 for summer immersive; $10,000 for semester immersive



Launch Academy

Launch Academy is a full-stack coding bootcamp that turns aspiring techies with little to no coding knowledge into junior contributors who add value to software engineering teams.

Duration: 10 weeks

Languages and framework: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL and frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, Capybara, JQuery, and PostgreSQL

Techniques and approaches: Over 10 weeks, students will learn coding concepts and then apply them to group projects that they can show to potential employers.

Location: 33 Harrison Ave #501, Boston, MA 02111

Cost: $15,500



Level is a data analytics bootcamp at Northeastern University that has programs designed for beginners who have dabbled in probability and statistics, to individuals skilled at programming in python.

Duration: 8 weeks, full-time

Languages and framework: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and R

Techniques and approaches: Each student works one-on-one with an industry-leading employer partner on a capstone project, where students apply data skills to real world cases and give final presentations to prospective employers

Location: 89 Broad Street, Boston, MA 02115

Cost: $7,995


RailsBridge Boston

RailsBridge Boston is a fun and free way for women to learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and other web technology in a weekend workshop.

Duration: 2 days

Languages and framework: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML,CSS, JavaScript

Techniques and approaches: Designed for women with little to no programming experience, RailsBridge Boston is led by an all-volunteer team of seasoned Ruby and Rails developers. Over the weekend, women are introduced to the concepts, tools, and techniques of Ruby and Rails development.

Location: Microsoft New England R&D Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

Cost: Free



Startup Institute

The Startup Institute offers bootcamps along four tracks: web design, web development, digital marketing, and sales and account management in Boston. It’s known for having large classes but a holistic approach that enables students to make a career change after graduating.

Duration: 8+ weeks, full-time

Languages and framework: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and exposure to git, AJAX, and API’s

Techniques and approaches: Besides the skills training learned in one of four tech tracks, students are coached in emotional intelligence, collaboration techniques, networking, and culture at high-growth companies.

Location: 4th Floor, 50 Milk St, Boston, MA 02109

Cost: $9,500


Women’s Coding Collective

This web development community offers coding classes to women with the goal of closing the gender gap in technology.

Duration: Two weeks

Languages and framework: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery,

Techniques and approaches: The online classes are timed so you can work a full-time job and take classes in the evening, and if you run late on assignments, you can typically still turn them in for feedback. The courses are carefully planned but self-paced and local members can meet up in person for collaboration.

Location: online or in-person via Meetup (location changes)

Cost: $50



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