26 Tech Companies in Cambridge You Should Know

Written by Alyssa Schroer
February 20, 2020Updated: January 18, 2022

Known for being the home of two the world's most renowned educational institutions, Cambridge is full of great ideas and innovative attitudes.

Situated just across the Charles River from the heart of Boston, Cambridge is quickly becoming a popular playground for tech companies and startups. We've rounded up 26 startups and tech companies in Cambridge that are at the heart of the city's expanding tech scene.

Top Tech Companies in Cambridge, MA

  • CarGurus
  • CareDash
  • Demiurge
  • DigitalOcean
  • edX
  • Fuze
  • InterSystems
  • iZotope
  • PlacePass
  • Wistia
  • Hubspot


InterSystems startups in Cambridge you should know

Neighborhood: Kendall Square

Industry: Big data

What they do: InterSystems offers a variety of data technology products that help organizations working in finance, life sciences, business and government identify and manage data to unlock new capabilities. The company’s IRIS Data Platform allows companies to build high-performance, cloud-first applications with machine learning capabilities to connect data and applications, facilitating solutions in healthcare and beyond.


quickbase software company cambridge
Quick Base

Neighborhood: North Cambridge

Industry: Software

What they do: Quick Base is an app-building platform that allows teams to automate processes regardless of previous coding knowledge. From dashboards and workflows to collaboration and integration tools, users can easily build exactly what they need or choose from over 800 pre-built apps.


edx edtech company cambridge

Neighborhood: The Port

Industry: Edtech

What they do: EdX is a non-profit that provides free online educational courses from more than 120 institutions around the world. EdX was founded by Harvard University and MIT, ensuring quality courses with easy access for anyone, anywhere.


bookbub ecommerce company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: AdTech, E-commerce

What they do: Bookbub sends personalized deals on books and e-books directly to a user’s inbox. The free service allows readers to discover new titles all while helping authors and publishers expand readership and drive sales.


cargurus automotive company boston

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Automotive

What they do: CarGurus is a comparative site for automotive shoppers. The team at CarGurus is all about making car shopping more transparent by providing relevant local deals and unbiased information on vehicles.


demiurge studios gaming company cambridge
Demiurge Studios

Neighborhood: The Port

Industry: Gaming

What they do: Demiurge Studios creates games for multiple gaming platforms including mobile, PC and console. Founded in 2002, Demiurge has since joined SEGA Networks, developing impressive works under Marvel and Rock Band titles.


izotope music company cambridge

Neighborhood: The Port

Industry: Music

What they do: Whether for a professional or a dabbler in music, iZotope makes products that allow people to express their creativity. The company's technology solutions and virtual plugins are used all over the world and in major TV, film and recording studios.


wistia software company cambridge

Neighborhood: Cambridgeport

Industry: Software / Adtech

What they do: Odds are, if you’ve watched an online video, you’ve already used Wistia. Beginning as a video hosting platform, Wistia has since evolved into a tool for marketers to host, manage and track their video content with numerous customization controls.


jobcase recruitment company cambridge

Neighborhood: Kendall Square

Industry: Recruitment

What they do: Jobcase powers and connects more than 100 job sites to employers and jobseekers. To date, the site has a registration membership base of over 48 million in the United States.


cogo labs accelerator company cambridge
Cogo Labs

Neighborhood: Kendall Square

Industry: Technology/ Accelerator

What they do: Cogo Labs is a startup accelerator creating companies out of great ideas and innovative tools. With a team of over 100 analysts, engineers and entrepreneurs, Cogo takes their own ideas and translates them into effective online businesses.


superpedestrian internet of things company cambridge

Neighborhood: Cambridgeport

Industry: Internet of Things

What they do: Superpedestrian is the creator of the Copenhagen Wheel, a semi-autonomous wheel attachment that makes bicycling more efficient. The wheel retrofits to most bikes and learns from movement, capturing energy when the brakes are applied and using it later whenever an extra boost is needed.


insurify fintech company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Fintech

What they do: Insurify has built a virtual insurance agent that provides personalized recommendations while comparing numerous quotes all at once.


passplace ecommerce company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: E-Commerce, Travel

What they do: Living like a local while on vacation is easy with PlacePass. The company wants tourists to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments while on vacation. Taking private museums tours, learning how to cook local cuisine from a local chef or taking day trips to historical sites are just some of the options offered by PlacePass.


digitalocean software company cambridge

Neighborhood: The Port

Industry: Software

What they do: DigitalOcean creates clouds specifically designed for developers. Their platform enables teams to easily manage their entire infrastructure with helpful automation tools and reliable data processing. Thousands of companies from startups to large corporations use DigitalOcean including Xerox, TaskRabbit, zendesk, hp and jquery.


caredash healthcare company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: HealthTech

What they do: Caredash allows patients to search for doctors based on location and specialty, all while reading unfiltered reviews on each physician that can help them make more informed decisions about their care.


fuze software company cambridge

Neighborhood: North Cambridge

Industry: Software

What they do: Fuze is a cloud-based platform that helps enterprises streamline their communications across any device and gain valuable insights into business operations.


root robotics gaming company cambridge
Root Robotics

Neighborhood: North Cambridge/ Avon Hill

Industry: Gaming, Education

What they do: Root is an educational platform teaching code to children as young as four. With a simple, yet effective interface, Root teaches children to problem solve while learning coding fundamentals and skills. The app pairs with a round, Roomba-like robot that draws whatever users create within the platform.


charles river analytics big data company cambridge
Charles River Analytic

Neighborhood: West Cambridge

Industry: Big Data

What they do: Charles River Analytics works with a number of government and commercial customers, creating data solutions for decision-making and critical assessment. Their systems cover a wide range of tools and solutions from robotic platforms to large scale information management.


hubspot software company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Software / Adtech

What they do: Hubspot is the creator of industry-leading inbound marketing and sales software. With 21,000 customers across 90 countries, Hubspot offers a large portfolio of services, including social media monitoring and publishing, SEO, website content management, reporting, analytics and email marketing.


pivotal software company cambridge

Neighborhood: Kendall Square

Industry: Software

What they do: Pivotal offers a cloud-native platform complete with a full range of data tools for evolving the way enterprises build software. Some of the world’s leading brands and organizations across multiple industries are using Pivotal like hulu, Southwest, Ford, Allstate, GE and Verizon.


intrepid pursuits software company cambridge
Intrepid Pursuits

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Software

What they do: Intrepid Pursuits is a digital product development company, providing tools for every step of the product life cycle. From concept to maintenance, Intrepid has lent end-to-end solutions to over 100 mobile apps.


zagster transportation company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Transportation / Sharing Economy

What they do: Zagster is a bike sharing company that has accessible bikes at over 140 locations. Unlike other bike sharing sources, Zagster has 6 different models, making their bikes more accessible to all.


talla communications company cambridge
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Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Machine Learning

What they do: Talla is a virtual assistant that takes care of tedious administrative tasks. Talla works in the user’s chat platform to answer questions and schedule meetings in addition to numerous other components.


nutonomy transportation company cambridge

Industry: Transportation

What they do: nuTonomy builds self-driving cars and autonomous robots with the end goal of being the first company in the world to create an autonomous taxi service.


squadle food company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Food / Internet of Things

What they do: Squadle provides a technology suite that enables brands like Denny’s, IHOP and Burger King to streamline their restaurant operations. Their API consists of multiple technologies, including cloud-based dashboards, wireless sensors and mobile apps that help to enhance overall operations and communication.


patientslikeme healthcare company cambridge

Neighborhood: East Cambridge

Industry: Healthtech

What they do: PatientsLikeMe is a health network that helps people discover new treatment options and connect with others. Its 400,000 plus members share experiences and information on everything from illnesses to pharmaceutical companies, giving healthcare providers and non-profits access to valuable data used to create more effective care plans.


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